Easy Pest Control Tips For Home Owners

Pest Controller in IraqEach and every day a flurry of pests invade our private spaces. Even though we may not be bothered by pests like raccoons and stray cats many of the critters bring with them a host of diseases. In the tips below we will look at a few common and a few unconventional ways to stop especially rodents from entering your home. To start off with make sure to fill holes that are larger than half an inch with steel wool. This should help reduce the number of rats entering your home, because they find the steel wool impossible to chew through.

Throw away the root cause

Identify why pests are entering your home. For instance, if you’ve seen lots of fruit files despite trying to eliminate them numerous times the issue could be with your drain. Fruit files are attracted to open food and dirt so even if your countertops are clear your drains may not be. One way to get rid of them would be to tape saran wrap over the drain for up to 48 hours and see if any flies come up. Also, make it a point to pour boiling hot water down the drain twice a day at six to twelve hour intervals.

Flying insect problem

Harvester Ant HoleIf you’re noticed the number of flying insects increase in your home the best and easiest pest control method is to check and repair all your window screens. Window screens are designed to stop any type of flying pest from entering your home.

The same goes for recluse spiders who can also be caught using off the shelf sticky traps. Be careful because brown recluse spiders are poisonous and can be difficult to reach using chemical sprays. The only time they come out is when it’s dark. So, the east way to trap them is to use sticky traps along your walls and furniture.

You also need to eliminate stagnant water from around your home and the yard because most pests are attracted to water. Since, a lot of the stagnant water in homes stem from a leaking pipe make sure that you check all the pipes. Also ensure that trays holding indoor plants do not have water sitting around.

Add outdoor lights

Outdoor lights and especially motion triggered lights will help to scare away larger pests like raccoons, bandicoots, cats and dogs. You can turn a light on all night but lights will attract insects.

Store your food in storage bins

Food that is not going to be eaten within the next few hours should be stored in a secure bin or in the refrigerator. Rats and cockroaches are especially attracted to food. If you’ve just eaten make sure to do the dishes before you go to bed. This will make it extremely difficult for cockroaches to find food when the lights go out in your home. Cockroaches are also attracted to crumbs and other small pieces of food that people drop when they eat. So, clean the tables thoroughly when you’re done.

Clearing bedbugs

Bedbugs are extremely reliant and can live for a whole year without food. This means that even though you may think that they have been eliminated they may just be hiding out and biding their time. This makes them hard to eliminate. So, before you do any extermination make sure to close off all the holes in your furniture, walls and cabinets. This way they will have no place to hide. You may also want to run a bed bug extermination measure every six months for up to a year and a half to ensure that they are all gone for good.

Trees are not always good

If you have a rodent problem to begin with don’t plant any trees near your home. Rodents like rats can climb up trees and enter you home through the windows. Even window screens may not shield you from them because they can chew through the window’s wood. If you already have trees near your home eliminate the branches near your window or replace existing windows with aluminum ones that are hard for rats to chew through.

The ant problem

If you are dealing with ants mix borax with sugar and lay them around your home. The sugar will attract them and the borax will kill most of them.

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