What Your Shop Layout Can Learn From The Apple Store

Apple is known for its awesome gadgets, technological tools that are state-of-the-art, and a huge fan following. You may think that’s it’s because they pump out the coolest in tech as soon as it’s available, but a lot of what you believe about Apple is just the hype they invent in their own store.

The Apple Store

Learn how you can make your own shop (and items within) look just as appealing as Apple does, by taking a cue from your local Apple store.

They’re not just browsing…

Apple’s layout includes always having customers and individuals milling about, talking up its new and recent models and gadgets, and just overall making itself look too tempting to just pass by. Anyone who’s anyone just has to step in and peek at the newest phones, iPads, and other high-selling items, and when they do, they immediately get enveloped in conversation with other techie lovers like themselves.

Take a hint from Apple and make sure that your store is always filled with people who love your product as much as you do. This means hiring employees who are knowledgeable and friendly and not afraid to engage with customers as soon as they walk in the door. You will see your sales go up simply because customers feel like they are part of something great.

Boost your knowledge, boost your sales

Apple makes sure to only hire tech support in their customer service who know everything about their products, from the most pressing concerns about identity protection and compatibility to the simple questions such as storage capacity and ease of use. Apple doesn’t just rely on the brand name to sell itself, it relies on great customer service and expert information to help customers choose their products over their competition. In short, going to Apple is about learning about technology more so than buying it, advises CBSnews.com.

You can follow this simple lead approach in every potential sale, no matter how small, like it’s an opportunity to show off your techie skills. Your customers will enjoy the free lesson in how your products work, and will be even more likely to purchase due to your compassion and expertise on what you sell.

Be unique in design

Perhaps the biggest reason why Apple is the king of selling technology has more to do with how their stores are laid out than the actual products themselves. Low-key and not full of advertising fluff, Apple utilizes its space by allowing each individual to shine rather than placing competitive value on their merchandise. This simple approach allows customers to feel welcome even as they walk in the door, and sets the tone for a more relaxing and positive experience. Visit any iPad enclosure and you will see the difference in tone that they set over their less-successful competitors.

More and more technology merchants are following this route, choosing comfort and single displays over flashy design and flamboyant display to boost sales. Try this approach in your own store, and you will quickly see the enjoyment of your customer base thanks to your attention to environment, resulting in pressure-free sales and return shoppers.

When it comes to competing in the technology world, your storefront makes all the difference. In using your staff to drive sales with knowledge, not sales pitches, you can help ensure more confident sales and happier customers. Even simple layout designs showcasing your products in a more low-key way can help make your business more successful. Take advantage of whatever strategy Apple uses that will work for you, allowing you to quickly see how you can boost your sales and customer base by making small but needed changes. Your business can thrive in many ways by taking small cues from the leader of sales in technology.

This is a guest post by Lilly Sheperd, a freelance writer and blogger focusing on business and marketing related articles. Nowadays she’s writing on behalf Lilitab, a company offers iPad enclosures and more.