3 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

air quality in the houseAir quality is a pressing issue that continues to garner the attention of everyone. This has even prompted air quality indexes and alerts to be issued when air quality is deemed poor as it can cause headaches, allergy flare ups and general malaise.

In fact, those with breathing conditions of the nose and lungs find that poor quality air can make life a bit more challenging as the inability to breath is increased when air quality is poor. Inside your own home is a great place to better ensure a healthy living environment and there are three key ways one can make sure the air in a home is of good quality and thus better for everyone.

Air Filtration Systems

A good starting point to remove pollutants and even microscopic allergens from the air within a home is through the routine use of an air filtration system. For some, these can be whole house systems that are integrated in to the heating and cooling system or they can be through the use of portable air cleaners. These machines, whether simply using charcoal filtration or ionization, take the air, remove those bad particles and then redistribute the cleansed air back in to the home. When used on a continual basis, these machines and systems can make the air quality indoors much better.

Duct Cleaning

There is one culprit within any home or building that can pool dust, dirt, allergens, pollen, pollutants and various other particulates that decrease air quality and that is the duct work in the building. The duct system is the transport for air being pushed out for heating and cooling of a home and when the ducts have been left go and not cleansed properly, they essentially distribute poor quality air throughout an entire house or building. Duct cleaning, by professionals who can get in to all turns, bends and areas of the duct work, make the duct system clean and thus the air moved through is better.

Routine Maintenance and Upkeep for HVAC Systems

Indoor air quality is directly impacted by heating and cooling systems. Beyond the duct work that be one culprit in regards to poor quality air; the HVAC system is another area that needs to be addressed if one wants to improve indoor air quality. Furnaces and air conditioning systems need to have high quality filters in use at all times and those filters need to be changed out frequently as they collect the dust and dirt from within the building.

The use of allergen specific filters is an ideal way to improve air quality. In addition, having furnaces, HVAC systems or air conditioners serviced and cleaned at least once per year or two is another way improve indoor air quality as that thorough and professional cleaning removes even more dirt and thus prevents it from compromising air quality.

A few simple changes within a home or building can significantly increase indoor air quality. This is the ideal way to help ensure that the air being breathed in is of the best possible quality and not considered poor as bad air can cause health issues.

Eduardo Dieguez is a professional writer at www.AirCleaners.com. Eduardo Dieguez is a 1st generation American born Cuban that is currently in pursuit of his AA Degree.