Hiring An Accountant: Tips To Make The Process Easy

Hiring an accountant can be a stressful and frustrating process. After all, a lot rides on the decision you make. Ideally, you will find someone who is highly skilled and detail-oriented. Obviously, hiring an accountant is a process that must be taken very seriously.

Fortunately, you are not blazing new territory. Many have gone before you, and they have learned ways to make the process of finding excellent accountants a little simpler and less stressful. The top tips are included below.

Successful MeetingTip 1 for Hiring an Accountant: Consider that Accounting Is a Very Broad Field

Not all accountants handle the same type of workload. The fact is, accounting services is a broad category encompassing everything ranging from recording transactions and assembling them into categories and reports to creating various types of returns and financial statements. In addition, some accountants use invoice software on a routine basis, and others don’t.

Clearly, different skill sets or levels may be needed for the various accounting services. It is important to consider these things when hiring an accountant. Take the time to consider the needs of your business; for instance, decide if the accountant will be responsible for tax services or other detailed accounting tasks. Although some companies opt to pay the same hourly wages for all accounting services, others pay according to experience and skill level.

All these things should be kept in mind as you assess the needs of your business and begin the process of hiring an accountant.

Tip 2 for Hiring an Accountant: The Candidate’s Work Experience Is Key

When you make it known that you are hiring an accountant, you will begin receiving resumes and cover letters — some from individuals who are over-qualified and some from people who are under-qualified. Of course, if you are lucky, there will also be some information from ideal candidates. It is your job to find those people!

Take the time to carefully sift through the paperwork you receive. This gives you an opportunity to do background checks and to review the candidate’s work history. When hiring an accountant, this is extremely helpful information — it gives you an idea of how qualified and proficient each of the applying accountants is. In the end, this process will help you weed out accountants that are under- or over-qualified for providing the specific accounting services and needs of your company.

Tip 3 for Hiring an Accountant: Find an Accountant That “Fits”

A job interview is a vital part of the process in hiring an accountant. It allows you to judge the candidates in multiple ways. Besides making a determination or measurement of the candidate’s accounting services and related skills, you can also observe their personalities.

Surprised EmployeeThis may sound harsh, but hiring an accountant is like adding a new member to your team. You want to be sure the addition will be a good fit for everyone. Besides basic accounting services, other things to look for include effective communication skills as well as training in business administration. Also keep in mind that when hiring an accountant that it is your job to try to determine the candidate’s level of commitment to the position being offered.

This is not employment discrimination; this is for your own protection. A candidate who plans to move on after a year or two is not ideal for a business that wants to hire an accountant for a long-term basis.

Following these three simple tips can make the process of hiring accountants much easier and less stressful than expected.

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