Essential Tools For Every Garage

Tools For Every GarageThere are always those odd-jobs around the house that you seem to put on hold indefinitely, usually because you don’t have the right tools. “Oh, I’ll just borrow that from Ted”, you find yourself saying on numerous occasions, but Ted just never seems to be home when you feel like doing the jobs. Convenient or unfortunate, you decide.

All of this hassle can easily be avoided simply by taking a trip to your local hardware supplies store and stocking up on the essentials. Hammers, saws, shovels; you’re going to need a lot of these at least once, so why not pick them up for cheap and consider them an investment?


Every garage needs a hammer, if not five. Different types of jobs call for different types of hammers, and so it’s a good idea to have stock of a variety of styles. The traditional claw hammer allows you to hammer in nails with one end, and then remove them with the other end when you realise you may have gone in at a slight angle.

Mallet hammers are useful in situation when force is need. Dismantling old tables comes to mind here, as mallets are pretty useful and knocking joints out do make disassembly much easier.

A small tac hammer can come in handy for delicate jobs where not a lot of force, and a lot of precision is required. Hanging a picture frame for example.


Having a variety of screwdrivers is always a massive advantage; screwdrivers off all sizes and head-types will find their use in a large variety of situations, and you’ll find you cursing yourself when you’re missing the one that you need.

Philips head screwdrivers are generally the most popular style, as most screws will have philips heads. This is the cross at the top of each screw.

To counteract the philips screwdrivers, pozihead screwdrivers come in very useful. Although the differences are subtle, poziheads may work on screws where a philips head doesn’t.

There are then flat head screwdrivers, which aren’t as popular as the aforementioned screwdrivers, but still have their uses and come in handy from time to time.

It is a good idea to stock up on all of these types of screwdrivers o that you’re never left wanting when a screw comes loose somewhere in the house!


Again, an assortment of shovels or spades will prove to be useful in a lot of situations.

Small coal shovels are useful for just that: shovelling coal. You may find other uses for a small shovel such as this one, like cleaning the garden after your family pet or even shovelling soil onto any flowerbeds that may need it. There’s a large variety of jobs that this small shovel will come on handy for.

Snow shovels are also a must have, just in case a massive snow storm leaves you barricaded in your own home. At least you’ll be able to dig your way out. In the absence of a snow storm, this shovel may come in handy for a bit of garden maintenance.

This article was written by Tom Hennessy, a DIY enthusiast who understands the importance of maintaining a good stock of tools in his garage.