Luxury Boutique Accommodation For Pets – Why It Is A Success

It is no secret that a person’s best friend is fast becoming the pampered pet. The celebrity world promotes this kind of friendship on a daily basis, you may have heard about the rumours that Mariah Carey’s dogs get their own seat in First Class on all flights.

Whether that is true or not, one thing that we know is a fact is that boutique hotels for pets are growing in popularity due to the demand for it and they are flourishing with profit. But, what makes these kennels and catteries so special and what do they offer over the more traditional sorts of pet accommodation?

The Luxurious Pet World

As we emerge from the recession, luxury hotels have come out relatively unscathed on the whole. In a survey conducted in 2009 by Market Metrix and The Leading Hotels of the World showed that 56% of respondents intended to travel that year. The top hotels are harnessing the power of the internet to attract visitors.

Of luxury guests, nearly 30% would choose destinations based on friends’ recommendations and 20% are inspired by hotels’ websites. Nowadays people are looking for the unique, something special to add value for their hard-earned money.

Pet hotels are the latest in these ‘novel’ offerings. If you’re off to enjoy some winter sun, why should your cat be relegated to the local cattery? Why shouldn’t she enjoy the same level of comfort – if not more so – than they’d receive at their family home? The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, Dewsbury (Yorkshire) is arguably the most over-the-top/luxurious of the higher end pet accommodation offerings in the UK. With mood lighting, under floor heating, four-poster beds and an a la carte menu with seafood dishes, your pet will be the cat that got the cream. Prices are on a par with some B&BS for humans.

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the only pet hotel in Britain. The Elm Tree in London offers sumptuous accommodation for cats and dogs and small animal companions such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and even birds. Dogs have fully covered exercise areas, some with ‘pet watch’ cameras to see what your dog is up to while you are away from them.

There is a dog spa to keep your pooch pampered – they can even have a canine manicure. Are you in a hurry? Then don’t worry – they’ll provide a chauffeur to collect your animal from home and drop them off at the hotel for you. It is amazing to see the kind of level that pet hotels have raised and how others are trying to raise the bar.

Accommodation Controlled For The Optimum Temperature

In Northampton, the Hayfields Luxury Dog Hotel offers a number of suites – a choice of indoor or garden rooms. Heating is controlled for the optimum temperature, depending on the breed of dog. The Royvon Dog Boarding and Training set of hotels offer superb accommodation. Their ‘Country Retreat’ in the Brecon Beacons provides ‘play all day’ facilities such as indoor activity halls and outdoor paddocks.

Pets are part of the family and should be treated as part of the family, as we go on holiday then why can’t they? Knowing that there are top notch hotels like these available for our pets is a good thing not only for the family but for the business industry, tapping into a niche market reaps value and profitable sales.

This kind of product offering can help people live a stress free life. People try to give their pet cat or dog all the attention they can possible fit in or the best food, the best veterinary care and the best shelter but take the weight off your shoulders and let it all be done for you; these pet hotels are thriving and opening up everywhere.

The prices are not excessively outlandish, meaning that the option of more luxurious accommodation for our beloved pets is a realistic alternative to the more traditional cattery or kennel. On average the prices for stays at a luxury cat hotel like the Longcrooft in a 5 star suite can be at as little as £17 per a guest and for a super-sized suite £45 between 1 and 3 guests.

Author: Hannah Connor works within marketing and product developments on the vouchercloud hotel discount offerings. Hannah is inspired by these niche hotel developments and believes there should be more creative hotels like pet hotels. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on pets hotels.