Hottest Kitchen Trends For 2014

kitchen spicesKitchens are the heart of the home. Everyone enjoys a great home cooked meal. With the new kitchen trends for 2014, it can be done more easily and with beauty and style.

Green Living

A trend that has been in effect for several years now is the need and desire to turn homes “green,” and the kitchen is no exception. Energy saving appliances are better on the environment and on the wallet. High efficiency and energy efficient is the way to go when building your custom home in 2014.

In addition to energy saving appliances, touchless faucets have become popular for more reasons than simply having messy hands. These energy savers cut down on water use and the savings are noticeable in the water bill. The kitchen is the first place where your hands will most likely get messy and cross contamination is a risk to your family’s health. A faucet that can be turned on and off without touching it will cut down on messes and keep you from spreading germs. It will also help your home to be green for the environment, too.


Technology is playing a huge part in our daily lives, and can be found to help us do many daily tasks. In the kitchen, technology can play a big part in helping you to keep your family healthy. There are refrigerators that are being designed that will help you serve your family healthier foods. They are being made to keep food fresher longer. Two cooling systems control humidity in order to better protect food in the freezer and in the area where fresh foods are kept. It has the ability to keep food odors from escaping into the freeze.

These newly designed refrigerators can defrost the freezer when needed in order to reduce freezer burn. There are specially designed drawers that will thaw frozen meats in hours, eliminating the need to set food out in room temperatures or defrost in the microwave. There are also special chilling drawers that will cool warm drinks in minutes. You can set the temperatures in certain drawers allowing you to choose which food you store in them. Some even feature a place in the freezer that will freeze foods faster than normal.


In keeping with nutritious conscious people, even the kitchen sink can be designed to help you prepare fresh foods for your family’s meals. Sink systems are being designed to offer preparation cutting boards in tempered glass, and also a colander and drain area for rinsing fresh fruits and vegetables. Touchless faucets and pull out sprayers are already customary, but now they have the water pressure in order to give your fresh food a good clean wash.

Decor and Design

Color palettes for kitchens are moving more towards neutrals so that accessories can be interchangeable, and compliment the rest of the home. Giving your kitchen a great splash of color will be simpler than having to redo the entire kitchen. With a neutral kitchen, you can easily change your table wear, linens and décor to keep up with the trends of the seasons.

Open kitchen designs have always been a good thing for socializing. In the coming year, more custom homes are being designed with open kitchens leading into family rooms and living rooms. Now everyone can relax and still enjoy spending time with the chef.


+Ken Uhrich likes houses. In fact he lives in one and loves sharing info about custom home building as well as home improvement and trends on the Custom Home Group blog.