How To Decorate Your Teenage Daughters Bedroom

Your daughter has now reached her teenage years and, as a result, she now wants to do up her room. Here is how to turn a dull room into a fun space where she can hang out with her friends.

Pick a theme for the room: All good rooms have a theme to it – something that ties the room together. When it comes to choosing a theme, there are many different ones that you can choose from. This could be your favourite colour, band, city, town, movie or even animal.

The idea is to create a theme for the room that your daughter loves and enjoys showing off – instead of a bedroom that makes her cringe when friends come over.

Paint the room: Once you have a theme, it is time to get some paint samples. If your room theme is a colour, for instance purple, then be sure to find a nice shade of purple to paint the room. Or, if you decide to theme it on a city or country, then be sure to paint a mural representing the city or country. However, if you are not keen to do the painting, you can always buy wall murals.

Wall murals are cut-outs of a picture that you can stick onto your wall. For instance: instead of trying to paint the Eiffel Tower, buying a wall Mural of the tower is much easier and faster way to decorate your room.

Change the lighting: Lighting is a fun way to make the room completely unique. Start with the center light and find something that suits your daughter’s style or the look that she is trying to create in the room. Once you find a nice light fixture, you can then find something matching for the bedside light. This way, you create a sub-theme in the room. In addition, to give the room a touch of glamour, hang some fairy lights or modern looking lanterns from the ceiling.

Get a bulletin board: A bulletin board is a fantastic extra for her to stick up things, without it damaging the walls. This board can have a collage of pictures, posters, photos or anything that grabs her fancy. This board can also serve as a great reminder of the things she needs to do – any household chores, school projects or events that she needs to remember.

Change the bedspread: There is no reason why single beds need to have plain and boring duvet covers and pillow cases. Instead, match your duvet cover to the theme of your room. If your theme is music, have a duvet cover with your daughter’s favourite band or a musical instrument displayed on it.

To add a level of comfort to the bed, add throw pillows. These pillows can be any shape or size that she likes – just be sure that it does not clash with the overall theme of the room.

The room needs to be an expression of who she is, so ensure that she is happy with the colour scheme and designs before you start fixing up the room. Once this is all done, all that is left to do is get her a nice music player, so that she can crank up the tunes and enjoy her bedroom.

This article was written by Daniel Stevens who is an avid reader and gamer. He’s also a fan of the great outdoors an when he’s not writing up a storm that’s where you’ll find him 😉