Weekly Work From Home News Roundup (7/31/2011)

In this week work from home news: Bing is testing new interface, Panda 2.3 is live, Facebook launched a new business program, Twitter presenting a new advertising platform and the connection between browsers and search engines. Let’s begin:

Bing New Interface Changes – After Google switched to HTML 5, Bing also testing moving to the future standard with new look. Also, Bing examined something that considered as tabu- Showing ads INSIDE the organic search results.

Google Panda 2.3 – About a month after the last update, another one has arrived… It seems that now, Google gave back to backlinks a little more of its lost juice on the expense of on page content factors.

Facebook For Business – Facebook launched a new program for online businesses to help them market online. Some of its features includes help with advertising on Facebook and assistance for designing the business page.

Twitter Promoted Tweets – A new social advertising platform has been presented by Twitter. Businesses can now promote selected tweets back to the top of the followers accounts.

Browsers and Search Engines Correlation – A new study shows that there is a big influence by the web browsers people uses on the search engines they search on. Does people are so lazy that they just search on the default browser search engine, than “work hard” and type its address?

We will keep you up to date about the most recent and relevant work from home news for you!