How to Create a Contractor Marketing Strategy That Actually Works

Here’s the cold hard truth: it doesn’t matter if you have the best service. It doesn’t matter if you only use the best products. It doesn’t matter if your pricing is the most competitive in the market.

As a contractor, none of that other stuff matters unless you have customers. And you can’t get customers as a new contractor without first executing a solid contractor marketing strategy.

So marketing then is of primary importance. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few contractor marketing strategies that you can start implementing today in order to grow your customer base fast.

Leverage Your Existing Connections

The first thing to consider when you’re building out a contractor marketing strategy is that you need to make it easy for yourself. If you’re a new contractor, then chances are that you don’t have any completed projects on the books. Consequently, your credibility as a business is virtually zero.

The only credibility you have is your own credibility as a person, as the owner of the contracting business. The only people who know your credibility are the ones that you’ve already worked with in the past in some capacity. Consequently, these are the folks who are most likely going to be able to get you your first jobs as a contractor.

Reach out to all of your industry connections to see if you can land your first few contracts with them.

Use Direct Mail

One great contractor’s advertising idea is to utilize direct mail in order to entice and woo new customers. Get a good slogan and eye-catching design together on a flier that you can mail out to all of the houses in the neighborhoods that you want to work in.

Seeing that flier turn up in their mailbox could jog a homeowner’s memory about a home improvement project they need to be done. They pick up the phone, and voila! You have a new customer.

Leverage Internet Search

One of the best contractor marketing tips is to leverage the power of the Internet search. Today, more people than ever before are turning to the Internet to find the solution for all their problems. 

Google estimates that it receives around 3.5 billion searches every day. You best believe that some of those Google searches are homeowners in your area searching for a contractor.

Get a website up ASAP, and optimize your website for search engines. This will require the knowledge of technical website architecture and on-page SEO tactics. If this isn’t your field of expertise, then consider hiring an outside marketing agency to take care of these aspects for you.

Contractor Marketing, Made Simple

There you have it. With this contractor marketing guide under your belt, you should now be far better equipped to build a fast-growing customer base that will keep you in business for years and years to come.

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