How Dynamic Moms Keep Their Home Orderly

mom cleaning the houseIt is a constant hurdle to keep your home safe and tidy when you have a toddler. It’s not a fun way to use your time running behind your child the entire day, cleaning up their mess. To have a great time with your youngsters and to keep the house orderly, consider these four tips.

Perform Quick Cleanup Sessions

As a mom of young kids, most of the time you do not have a chance to carry out a marathon clean-up sessions for hours at a time. Though you might not be able to clean every corner of the house at once, you can slice and dice the cleaning process into short projects. You can wash dishes while your child is drawing or coloring, clean sinks and bathroom while your child is in the bath, clean out the pantry and wipe the cabinets if your child is taking a long time to eat lunch. Doing short cleanup sessions each day will help you get things done without needing a big block of time.

Implement a Safe Storage System

Having kids in the house implies that you need to keep some things of out their reach. Look for a protected place to store your cleaners, medications, pesticides, and other health and beauty products. Use cabinet locks to store products that are injurious to the baby. Choose a storage solution that is child-friendly to store things that the child can use. Baskets, Fabric or plastic bins allow the child to access the toys and dolls easily. Bolt any shelving unit to prevent tipping-over hazards.

Reduce Clutter

Maintaining an orderly home is hard if there is much stuff inside the house. To keep your home tidy and smart, get rid of clutter. Dispose of broken toys, expired baby products, and stained Kid’s clothes. Give out equipment such as cribs, baby rattles, and bouncy seats to a new mom or donate them to a charitable institution. Sell all reusable equipment at a garage and keep your proceeds to buy a zoo membership, paying for a non-cluttering activity or a visit to Children’ science museum. Less stuff in the house makes cleaning time easier and manageable for your kids.

Ask For Help

Keeping an orderly home is a difficult task, especially if you are doing it single-handedly. Ask for the help of your family to maintain a clean house. Including children in your cleanup schedules is not only fun, but also it instills a sense of duty in them at an early age. Delegate light chores to the kids such as watering the flowers, feeding the pets, making their beds, and tidying up their bedrooms. Teach them to put back the stuff they take out back to their place, and put their bowls and mugs in the kitchen sink after supper.

Your hubby can also help in the evening after work. He can help with kids’ homework, cook the dinner or fix broken cabinets, while you wash dishes.

Outsource tiresome cleaning activities to a cleaning company when you have much work to be done, and you have less time. Outsourcing cleaning jobs will save you time to attend to other pressing activities.


Having an orderly and organized home is difficult, especially if you have small kids. However, by performing short cleaning sessions daily, minimizing clutter in your house, implementing a safe storage solution, and asking for help to clean up the house from the family members can contribute significantly to keeping the house orderly and smart.

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