Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Fascias And Soffits

Fascias and soffits Fascias and soffits are non-negotiable when it comes to proper roofing. You simply cannot do without them. Hence the need to be aware of when they do need replacing or re-adjusting, because they will require it eventually due to the nature of their function. The fact that they are under insurmountable elemental pressure means that their wear and tear is quite extensive and irreparable in most cases.

Wet isn’t always good

The weather in the UK is quite intense to say the least, more so during the rainy season and during winter where there is lots of moisture going around. Fascias avail adequate insulation or protection against wind and rain and help keep your home as watertight as possible. This reduces the chances of moisture-related damage.

Fascias and soffits accomplish this by supporting the tiles and gutters which redirect water and moisture away from your house. Your home or building will suffer moisture damage such as mildew, wood rot, rusty nails which affect the structure and may lead to certain areas crumbling if not replaced soon enough.

Biological catalysts for replacements

Carpenter ants and termites and other wood-consuming pests are attracted to wet areas in your home, an indication of poor ventilation in your home, particularly in the attic. Worn out Soffits won’t be as effective in keeping the air in such areas cool and dry in order to ward off wood rotting and dank odours. Also, energy costs could rise substantially since you would have to rely heavily on an Air Conditioning system in order to keep your house dry particularly during humid and wet seasons.

Has there been a lot of sneezing, wheezing and cases of lung infections such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis or sinuses? It could be that there is a mould colony breeding in your home. Suffice it to say that you do not want to entertain such a guest. Worn out soffits will not sufficiently allow for proper ventilation nor provide the dry conditions to inhibit mould formation. The well-being of your family’s health is tied to the condition of your fascias and soffits.

When you have animals for house mates

When soffits and fascias rot and acquire holes, your home slowly turns into a zoo. This is because little animals such as bats, birds, squirrels, and even rats find a leeway into your home, especially when it is too hot or too wet outside. The health risk such animals pose to your health is quite serious, not to mention the rancid odour if one ultimately dies in a secret location within your home. It is therefore paramount that your quickly check out the condition of your fascias and soffits in order to avoid a ‘Zoo-keeping’ situation.

In the long-term, anything built or made requires replacing, whether it is exposed to harsh environmental conditions or not. Do not be deceived by any outward appearances, inspect, because the most damage caused by moisture can be internal. Have them thoroughly checked and maintained because Fascias and Soffits are the life-support system of your home. Help keep it standing.

This article is written by Rebecca Fearn with helpful information from The Fascia and Soffits Company. Rebecca is a Yorkshire lass who loves amazing food in the great outdoors when she is not writing.