Is It Cool To Be A Bartender For A Student?

student bartendingMany students nowadays look for side jobs to maintain themselves while in school, one of the popular casual careers that they take is being a bartender. They use college q&a to find a good job. This job is unique and can gain you some bragging rights in campus, especially amongst the ladies, unlike others such as a fast-food restaurant attendant which often come out as plain or boring.

Usually, those who work as bartenders while studying in college are attracted by the money.

Statistics show that an average bartender in big cities such as New York earn around $70,000 per year, this is a very good pay considering that the working time is only 30hrs per week. Moreover, being a bartender suits students well since this is not the kind of job that requires you to wake up early in the morning, and endure the tedious rush-hour traffic of pre-9.a.m. Not to mention the private cubicle that you’ll have for your own, just the perfect spot for checking out the shenanigans of other fellow students on a Friday night.

Another advantage, especially if you’re a man, is the sheer number of single ladies who’ll be requesting for your number from time to time.

Nevertheless, if a woman wants to get your digits it would be prudent to let them know that they can only do this through one of their servers. They should not hand in their numbers personally to you, since someone may see this as inappropriate behavior and report to the management.

Bartender is rather a busy job, and entrusting a messenger to be your official contact is not only safe but also adds some level of secrecy to the situation. It also shows that you respect the job and will only get personal with customers if they allow you to do so. Remember the waiters and waitresses are your wingmen in these kind of situations, use them to your advantage in a positive way.

Another cool factor about working as a bartender is that, you can use dating apps and social media as marketing tools to draw people to the bar.

Just like club promoters advertise their events on Facebook, nowadays student bartenders are also prowling dating sites to attract customers. Some of these include:

a) Tinder

b) Hinge

c) Grindr

d) PlentyOfFish, and

e) OkCupid amongst others.

You can use these apps to bring more people to the bar for social interactions, which is good not just for you but the regular customers as well.

How to be careful:

There are certain things you should always watch out for when working as a bartender.

I) Take note not to offend people going through a bad day

Some customers may visit the bar to drink in a bid to forget their daily troubles such as losing a job, divorce issues and so on. These people are usually irritable and would get offended by even the slightest comment they feel is not appropriate. Therefore, be careful on what you say in front of customers.

II) Be courteous to customers no matter the situation

There are customers who would be rude to you without any reasonable cause, especially when they are drunk. Do not retaliate by also being rude to them, as a bartender you should always be calm and composed.

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