This Is Why You Never Leave Your Garage Door Open Overnight

garage door open overnightEvery once in a while, you may forget to close your garage door overnight. No big deal, right? You locked the door going into your house so you don’t have to worry about anything or anyone getting in. Wrong.

Here are three reasons why you should never leave your garage door open overnight.

Your Most Expensive Asset Is in There

When you stop to think about it, your most expensive asset (besides your house) is probably sitting in your garage. This is your car. When you leave your garage door open, you are practically inviting thieves to take your vehicle. In the past several years there have been numerous incidents, even in good neighborhoods, of grand theft auto directly from the garages of the victims.

When you leave your garage door open at night, it is a sign that the owner of the home may be a little less diligent in protecting their assets than these thieves are used to, and a big target will get painted on your house. You may wake up the next morning to find your entire garage empty.

You are Inviting in the Animals of the Neighborhood

An open garage door is not only an invitation for thieves, but it is also an invitation for all sorts of animals. Many animals, by nature search for dark shelters that protect them from the elements. Your garage is a perfect fit for these animals. These animals, such as raccoons, cats, and mice, will use your garage as a temporary home and come back whenever they are in the area again, knowing that they are not in danger if they sit for a night or two.

During the winter this can get even worse, since many of these animals will follow the source of heat and get even further into your home. Raccoons will travel up the rafters of your garage and bury themselves in the installation. Some animals, like raccoons and squirrels will even crawl into the crawl spaces that lead into the garage, gaining access to the ceilings above your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Keeping your door closed is the easiest way to keep these pests out.

The Weather Will Find Its Way In

Weather is another reason to keep your garage door closed. If you happen to be sleeping and a large store rolls through your city, you could find huge puddles of water and wet personal items the next morning. What’s worse is that a garage is not generally very ventilated, meaning that it will take much longer to dry out than other spaces in your home. If there happens to be a lot of hail or snow, damage on your vehicle could also be the result of leaving your door open.

Leaving your garage door open is never a good idea overnight. You have very little power to keep things out of your house, whether animals or burglars, when you leave your door open. These things are then one step closer to getting into your home as well. There are several types of garage door alert systems available now. These systems will show a light or make a noise when you enter your home and forget to close your garage door. This can be very useful if you happen to be particularly forgetful in this area. Of course, the easiest way to form this habit is to close the garage door every time you come home, not just at night. Keeping this door close will keep those unwanted pests out.

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