Tips For WordPress Template Designer

WordPress Blogging Platform LogoIt is not much of a secret that there are multiplied millions of blog owners who use WordPress template designer. In general, these individuals as well base the content of their sites on WordPress themes. The templates are either available on commercial or free basis. You however can easily improve them by boosting in some plug-ins, code pieces and additional setting.

There are ways which you can utilize when seeking to improve templates which do not require use of coding or other special skills.

Optimizing of Template Pictures

The images used by developers of WordPress designer template are at times not optimized. You might work on them easily by reducing their size, a fact possible with the feature designated as ‘Save for Web’, found in Adobe Photoshop toolkit. Aside from this, you can as well use the unique tool which allows for one to optimize on images without experiencing loss of quality.

Images which are optimized include stock images, logo, icons, CSS background images and headings among others. You require these images in order to significantly afford your readers quick response time when review various Web pages.

Reducing the File Size of WordPress Designer Theme Files

Certain WP templates fail to include JavaScript or CSS files and you might enhance them by minimizing their file sizes. Such process is known as minification, which eliminates extra characters like tabs and spaces. Feel free to minify files using the free and special JavaScript Compressor. Such HTML plug-ins as W3 Total Cache, are able to minify your front-end HTML code in order to improve on blog speed.

Applying a Custom Favicon

There is a tiny icon which represents a given website in the address bars of web browsers called the favicon. Ensure that you apply it on your website to make it appear professional and represent your brand. Include this icon by ensuring to place a special code inside the header.php which is present within your template directory. Point the favicon file location in place of href attribute value.

Using Custom Styles to Generate Outstanding Image Captions

WordPress designer image captions are able to describe images. These themes normally include default styles for the captions. You may alter the .wp-caption class within your template styles.css and pattern out this unique style for all captions of images.

Making your Template Code Secure

Securing the template code may be attained by removing the WordPress code, which is somewhat generic, to unveil tags inside the template. Such action prevents other users from identifying the WordPress designer version which helps them attack your website using certain weak points of your definite versions.

Employing Tertiary Search Feature in Place of Default Search Bar

A lot of users are not even aware the core search function may be replaced with other search service which proves to be faster plus more accurate. Make use of authoritative tertiary search options to cut down on your search server load.

Utilizing WordPress Designer Internet Marketing Tools

In order to attract more traffic into your WordPress blogging site, you can appropriate various tools for marketing endeavors. These include the All-in-One SEO Pack, Twitter tools, XML Sitemap Generator and Onlywire autosubmit plug-in among others.

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