The Problems and Solutions to City Water

drinking city waterSome people are able to turn on their tap water, fill a glass, and just drink. For many other homeowners, however, the city water that flows through the pipes and into their home is much different than the clean, great-tasting water that they expect. There are a number of problems that may affect your city water.

Fortunately, most of these have relatively easy solutions that Crystal Clear Water and Well Systems can assist with.

Problem #1: Water Hardness

When you have water, you may experience any number of problems. Hard water can exacerbate eczema and other skin conditions, make your clothing and other laundered items have a scratchy, irritating feeling, and cause buildup and damage in the water pipes and appliances of your home. These common hard water problems are often caused by dissolved magnesium and calcium ions being present in the water.

The good news is that water hardness comes with an easy solution. You can consider a magnetic water conditioner or another type of hard water softener. If you want to find out which is best for your specific problem, speak with an expert.

Problem #2: A Chlorine Taste

It is not uncommon for city water to be associated with a chlorine taste. The reason for this is that chlorine is dissolved into the water at the treatment plant, in order to remove all of the bacteria and other contaminants that may be present. Not only does chlorine taste bad, it can also dry out your hair and skin, shorten the lives of your appliances by drying out rubber seals, and fade your clothing. The good news is that you can easily remedy this by purchasing a chlorine removal system. Start with an analysis of the water in your home and then consider your options.

Problem #3: Dissolved Solids and Harmful Chemicals

There are any number of issues that can arise from the dissolved solids and chemicals found in your city tap water. Sometimes, sewage, run-off, chemicals in the water pipes, factory runoff, and other issues arise after the water has already been filtered by the water plant. Often, you will be able to notice these because of a bitter, salty, or metallic taste. Additionally, the water in your home may have an odd color or odor.

The easiest solution in this case is to install a water filtration system. You have many options for this, as you can choose to filter only the water you use for drinking and cooking or choose to filter the water throughout your entire home.

Problem #4: Metallic Substances

It is not uncommon for metallic substances to leach into the water, either from the ground or the waterline. This often results in a smell, taste, or color in your water, though it can be hard to pinpoint what metal is causing it. Often, however, it is caused by iron, copper, and even lead in the water. Lead can be dangerous, while iron and copper can stain appliances and clothing.

The best thing you can do in this case is get your water tested. If you do have metallic substances, there are filters that you can buy to alleviate the problem.

You cannot always trust that the water that comes through your city’s water supply is safe to drink. The first step is knowing the signs to look for that indicate a problem. The second is to get your water tested for contaminants. Once you have done this, you can discuss your options with a professional in the field. Nearly any type of water contamination can be treated, provided you have the right filters and install a filtration system properly.