Three Critical Areas of Consideration when Redesigning Your Office

Your work environment is constantly changing. Some industries change at a faster rate than others, but sooner or later, all business owners face the task of office refurbishment. Scotland is home to many excellent office design firms and working with these office refurbishment businesses helps you bring new innovations to your work space.

modern office refurbishment

Whatever design you are considering for your new office design, Scotland holds the talent you need for a world class, flexible and functional workspace. Today we are giving you a few things to ponder when your office is in need of refurbishment.

Open Space

The age of cubicles has passed. The old trend of boxing your employees like hamsters into small cages for work has been proven to diminish productivity and lead to negative attitudes towards work. You should instead, consider having an open office space. Opening up your office gives a strong sense of transparency to your clients and promotes teamwork among the staff. Studies have shown that open plan offices have a much more productive team. Using glass partitions instead of plaster walls is one way to achieve the open style office while retaining some private areas for meetings and huddles. The open space style promotes team growth and vitality; there is something natural about being in a large, open office that helps the individual focus on their work and enjoy being social as well.


Open plan offices are great for the day to day running of the business. But occasionally you and your staff still need privacy. It is vital to have somewhere quiet that the more introverted staff can work happily. People seem to spend half of their work time in focus mode and blocking out distractions can be hard in an open office. Make sure you keep this in mind for your office refurbishment. Scotland is full of hard working people just waiting to let their career take off. The new generation of workers place quality of life over their work life, so keep this in mind and build a unique office for your eager employees! Your private areas should have no visual distractions and should be purely focused on working towards goals or giving the space needed for private conversation.

The Reception

A warm and inviting reception area is exactly what every business needs. When potential clients enter your office, they deserve to be treated to a great first impression. Focus less on expensive furniture and obscure art, instead put your efforts into having a beautiful, fresh flower design every week. Keep any littering to a minimum and provide some unique reading material for your clients and customers. A great tip is to try and create a space which doesn’t feel like every other office on the block. Anchorpoint Interiors is a great source of inspiration for your office design. Scotland based, this innovative firm has been creating landmark office space for over 40 years and has worked with a number of high profile clients.

To give you the inspiration to make the most of your working space, let the Anchorpoint Interiors passion, creativity and experience bring your business to life.