Groupon Expands With Addition Of RagingWire Sacramento Data Center

Groupon LogoGroupon has become a major player in the Internet commerce industry. Everybody is used to sending and receiving links to its online shopping coupons. Groupon makes the experience even more valuable by offering more than just physical products. Users can purchase self-improvement courses, pay for fine dining, reserve a cruise and almost anything imaginable on the brand website.

Moreover, because it is a crowd-based business, the savings redound to the buyer. People often pay a minuscule amount compared to the regular pricing scheme.

Groupon Growth Continues

The Internet commerce giant continues to grow. Groupon recently announced the expansion of its data center enterprise by 1 MW of power and 5,000, square feet. The contract is for Groupon to lease the space from RagingWire, the national data center leader.

Located in Sacramento, California, the new RagingWire data storage vault opened in April 2015. Known as CA3, the facility has a total of 180,000, square feet of space, making it the largest wholesale data center in all of the state. Given the number of hi-tech centers in California, this fact is quite impressive.

Groupon’s Success

Groupon needs the space. Currently, there are over 50 million users. These consumers make local purchases that benefit their home economies. Merchants who might otherwise remain unknown can advertise their products on Groupon to expand their customer bases. People who might not drive across town can sit at home, click a few computer keys and await delivery.

Users conduct Groupon price searches based on location. Harmail Chatha, Director of Global Data Center Operations at Groupon, says that the new vault space will help the company handle its expected future increase in traffic.

Why RagingWire?

One of the most important considerations for Groupon was its physical platform needs. The company employs a sophisticated real-time system that supports users in North America and Latin America. It prides itself on the energy efficient nature of the data equipment.

The containment system is of the advanced cold-aisle variety with an all-white infrastructure. In general, the setup reduces the amount of heat generated by the computing system. RagingWire best demonstrated the capability to handle the Groupon structural requirements.

Why Sacramento?

Sacramento is a prime location for such technology. The California capital provides access to the Bay Area hi-tech corridor, which is obviously an asset. Businesses can make invaluable connections in Sacramento without having to worry about sitting in the Silicon Valley earthquake zone.

The Future

The future looks right for Groupon. Online users love the ability to make purchases at anytime. They also enjoy the increased buying power created by a mass of online consumers. Retailers can drop prices to record lows because items on Groupon have the potential to make a profit regardless. People share the discount coupon advertisements across social media platforms.

Undoubtedly, the company has redefined the online shopping experience. Now, it can continue its expansion with this five-year agreement to utilize the RagingWire vault in Sacramento.

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