Preparing Your Heating System For Winter

hot and cozy in the winterThe cold of winter can be difficult to deal with and even dangerous without proper heating in your home. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your heating system is in proper working order before winter strikes. There are several aspects of your heating system that will need attention before the temperature starts dropping.

Clean or Replace the Filter

Heaters can become very inefficient when the filter is dirty or clogged. The filter for your heating system should be checked, cleaned or replaced every three months. At the very least, they should be cleaned and replaced at the end of the heating season in mid-spring and at the beginning of the heating season in mid-fall. The more attention and care you give to your filter, the longer it will last and the more efficient your system will be.

Blower Maintenance

The belt in your blower may dry out, crack and fray over time. This can cause your heating system to spread heat across your home more slowly. Before the heating season starts, inspect your blower’s belt for any signs of wear or damage. If your belt doesn’t seem to be too bad but you’re still experiencing problems with it, you may want to apply a small amount of oil to it to help lubricate the system. If the belt needs to be replaced, you may need to call a professional heating service depending on the type of system.

In addition, check to see if the blower doors are sealed. Blower doors prevent harmful gases such as carbon monoxide from leaking into your home and allow it to safely escape outside. Ensure that the doors are securely sealed, and test your carbon monoxide detectors at the start of the heating season. Check the batteries in both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors at the start of the season as well.

Ensure Vents Are Clean and Unblocked

Check the vents around your home for dust buildup and other grime that could be restricting air flow throughout the system. Even if the buildup doesn’t seem that bad, it’s still a good idea to wipe out or vacuum the vents to maintain the highest amount of air flow. It’s also important for both air flow and safety purposes to ensure that nothing is blocking the vents like furniture.

Check the Ducts

While checking the vents ensures that air can exit the system and enter the house and the filter ensures that the air can start making its way through the system, the ducts carry the responsibility of transporting the air between these two points. If the ducts are clogged or cracked or if they have faulty seals, you will need to have them repaired as soon as possible to get proper air flow from the heater.

Professional Maintenance

While there are several things that the average homeowner can do to help prepare their heating system for winter, there are some things that can only be caught, maintained or repaired by trained heating professionals. They can determine if there are any problem areas causing inefficiency, worn down or broken parts that could affect performance or create an unsafe situation and thoroughly clean the entire system from top to bottom. A heating system should be inspected by a professional heating company at least once a year during the start or middle of fall.

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