How To Deal With Computer Illiterates

Adult Computer IlliterateIf someone works in an IT company, they need to have not only a great knowledge of how a computer works, but also how to relay that knowledge to others who seek help.

With so many companies and such large production of computers, IT support is quickly becoming a fast paced business. Yet, dealing with computers is easier than dealing with clueless owners. There are times when IT technicians will get the vaguest idea of what is wrong with a computer, and are basically left on their own.

Yet, if they want to stay in business, there are a few things that they can do to help good, but somewhat helpless computer owners.

Show Patience

Chances are that the owner of the computer will be panicked. They will not be able to communicate what is wrong with their computer in the terms a technician can understand. Since their knowledge is far vaster, it will take more than a few ambiguous phrases for them to diagnose the problem.

The key is patience. Taking a deep breath and trying to understand that the customers, especially those on the phone, are extremely anxious – will help. Doing one’s best to talk the customers through their dilemma is the best option.

Ask Pointed Questions

Sometimes, customers will try and tell technicians how their computer works. This is not done with any bad intentions, rather because they wish to communicate their problems as best they can. A technician knows how a machine works, all they need is the problem, so by asking specific questions, the time of both parties is saved and the information easily gained.

Preparing a List

By preparing a list of questions that will bring a technician closer to finding out the problems with a customer’s computer, both parties can get to the problem swiftly. A list should include the following inquiries so the entire process is made easier:

  • Is the computer a MacBook, Windows or Linux?
  • What version of the system is operating?
  • What is the brand of the computer?
  • What exactly went wrong?
  • Did it help when the machine was rebooted?

With all these questions it becomes remarkably easy to find out what the problems are since it narrows down a lot of things for the technician.

Rebooting Helps

Often, people do not understand that computers are delicate machines. Often, they will hesitate to reboot because they are afraid of losing their material. Backing up files and rebooting will do nothing to a computer, unless there is a major problem with the software. Sometimes flaws occur in the computers and letting customers know what if rebooting can’t help it, then it is a problem – otherwise a reboot is the simple answer.

IT support is a tough field to work in. Machines like computers have to be treated delicately. When a customer brings in a computer or when they call in for help normally means that they are afraid to try something on their own. IT support is a leading organization because of their ability to fix and guide customers until they fix their problems themselves.

Albert Monroe has been an IT technician for a decade. He has worked with the leading companies in computers and has a reputation of fixing every problem he is faced with. To check out his recommendation, click here.