4 Annoying Desktop Notifications And How To Turn Them Off

Desktop Notifications: SkypeGaining momentum while working on a computer takes many ounces of focus and will to get the work done. When you are rushing things to meet the deadline, you try your best not to get distracted. But no matter how much you bump your face in the monitor, some things can steal attention without putting much effort. Locking yourself in the room has no use as the disturbance exist in your own PC in the form of those annoying and sometimes, unimportant notifications

There are many kinds of notifications that are certified attention-seekers. Some may even get to the point wherein they pop up out of nowhere and claim the active screen spotlight. Good news is that, there are many ways to turn the notifications off to keep it from diverting your focus. Listed below are the most common programs with pop up messages and how to disable them.


Skype is one of the biggest momentum breakers when it comes to distracting notifications. A balloon will appear on the far right side of your screen just above the clock in your taskbar every time someone goes online. It also tries to get your attention whenever you receive a message, a call or an even notification. It is really a complete head-turner, not to mention its annoying sound.

To manage your Skype notifications, open the Skype program, click through Tools > Options and go to Notifications tab. Just below the settings, a list of tray notifications that you can check or uncheck is available. You can also jump quickly to Alerts and messages section to turn off Help and Skype tips including promotions.


When it comes to desktop email clients, Thunderbird is one of the best. But when it comes to notifications, there are still many opportunities for improvement. Its default setting is to play a sound along with a tray of notifications. In order to stop this, you just need to go to Tools > Options. Go to General tab and focus on When new message arrives. Uncheck the boxes for Show an alert and Play a sound.

Windows Balloon Tips

Windows also has its own way to disturb its users. These messages in balloons are there to deal with DAUs which is the acronym for Dumbest Assumable Users. If you feel like you don’t need it at all, you can change the Windows settings posthaste. Go to Start menu and look for Group Policy. Choose Edit Group Policy and go to User Configuration > Administrative Tasks > Start Menu and Taskbar. Search for Turn off all balloon notifications entry and double-click it.

Google Talk

Google Talk is another pain when it comes to email notifications. Like the other programs, you can make a few tweaks to disable the annoying pop ups. Simply go to Settings of Google Talk and find your way to Notifications Tab. From there, uncheck the box in front of Show notification for New email.

It is quick and easy to stop the distractions you get from automated notifications and popups on your desktop by just following these instructions.

Jensen Carlyle writes on business and technology topics, and is currently working with Swift Systems, a leading IT MSP in Maryland.