Make A Design Statement With Your New Conservatory

Nowadays, conservatories have become popular design features that can add a stylish touch to a home. A conservatory can be used as a kitchen, reading room, or many other purposes. These stylish constructions were actually built for the first time by Dutch farmers more than three centuries ago. Originally they were built to house plants during harsh winters, in fact conservatories are actually the basis for the modern day greenhouse.

Victorian Style Conservatory

People were using conservatories for farming purposes for many years after finally they started using these constructions as stylish additions to homes of the nobles and rich people. During that time, conservatories were very popular all across Europe and North America. Today conservatories function as stylish additions to homes designs that are meant to bring together the best elements of the indoor and the outdoor.

There are various styles for conservatory design, some of the most popular ones are:

Victorian Style

If you take a trip to a botanical garden, you will see how a Victorian style conservatory looks like. Basically it’s a lot like a traditional botanical greenhouse that looks spectacular. A Victorian conservatory can make a house looks luxurious. It usually comes in two different styles, Victorian conservatory with three facets and another one with five facets. The conservatory with three facets has three main windows while the one with five facets has five windows.

Edwardian Style

Edwardian conservatories usually have a rectangular or square shape with an apex design for the roof and a flat front. This type of conservatory is an excellent choice if you don’t have a lot of space. That’s because it has an angular design, which means there’s no diagonal corner to cut that allows you to maximize the use of the available space.

Gable Fronted Style

This is another ‘majestic’ conservatory style that maximizes the use of light and space. The design will provide a grand feature for any home. As the name implies, the shape of this conservatory is a bit like a gable with elevated front. It also has huge roof windows that allow maximum amount of light to enter. It also has a square floor plan, pretty much like Edwardian style conservatories. This type of conservatory will look great on homes with classic design.

P-Shaped Style

Generally there are two kinds of conservatories, those that are made as room extensions and those that are meant to be extra rooms. For a conservatory that suppose to be an extra room, a P-shaped conservatory is a great option. The downside of this type of conservatory is that it requires a large space. A P-shaped conservatory is suitable for a family room or a dining room because it provides enough space for a dining table.

Lean-to Style

This is the right choice if you don’t have a big budget to spend. This type of conservatory is also known as a sun lounge, it’s quite easy and quick to build. As the name implies, this conservatory is leaning to the house, so it cannot extend very far from the house wall that’s supporting it.

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