Are Auto Flowering Buds The Answer?

cannabis floweringMarijuana is the subject of many discussions the world over. It’s been debated in politics, spawned vast amount of documentaries and an uncountable amount of cultural references. As its popularity grows, so do smarter ways of actually growing it.

It used to be the case that cultivating cannabis was a time consuming task that took plenty of dedication and all the right equipment, but with the rise of auto flowering buds, it’s becoming much less of an ordeal.

Growing cannabis is not illegal in many places and advancements in seed engineering mean that it is easier than ever to produce a small crop for personal use.

What are auto flowering buds?

With regular seeds you have to clear a space to accommodate the different vegetative stages, then be ready to use the correct light cycles at an exact time and in the right way. All of this can be pretty daunting for someone new to cultivating cannabis. Auto seeds, however, are a much more logical choice, especially for beginners. They are pretty self-reliant and most of the hard work can be left up to nature. There are two big plus points.

Advantage one: Time and effort

The big advantage is that these seeds need little maintenance in order to flower. They can easily be grown outside during the warmer months and typically need a lot less nutrients in order to flourish. They’re pretty resilient too, resisting most moulds and diseases. They simply need to be exposed to inside light for 12 hours once they’ve been harvested.  There’s also no need to separate growing plants from flowering ones, which drastically cuts down on the work required to ensure a healthy crop.

In exchange for minimum effort, they also flower extremely quickly and can be ready for harvest in as little as seven weeks. This means less time between harvests and more harvests per season.

Advantage two: Size and volume

Auto flowering buds are much smaller than other cannabis breeds, so it’s easier to find a place to store and manage them.  One single plant also produces hundreds of seeds to increase your volume.

It all sounds amazing, right? If you are considering growing this strain of cannabis, you need to be aware of the disadvantages as well.

Disadvantage one: The amount you can harvest

Although they flower much quicker that other plants, they are a smaller breed. In turn, this means they produce less product. Results can definitely vary, but some of the dwarf strains could produce as little as 15 grams per harvest.

Disadvantage two: The quality

This is a subject of debate amongst growers, with some feeling that auto flowering seeds create an inferior product. This stems from that fact that auto flowering strains have a THC potency of under 16%, which, when compared with the average of 20%, is significantly lower.

One other thing…

If you’re still keen to give it a go, then make sure you have regular seeds before you attempt to breed this strain. If you want to just grow them once, feminised seeds are fine. If you’ve decided to breed the plants, you’ll need to get a mix.

Feminised plants are the ones that produce THC and they are the ones that produce a harvest. It’s fairly easy to purchase feminised seeds too, ones that have been engineered to ensure they have a very high chance of being female.

However if you want to grow over and over again, you’re going to have to introduce male plants. They may be useless when it comes to harvest time, but they’re the thing that’ll get you there in the first place. Work towards a ratio of 50% male and 50% female.

Craig Thomson is the owner and manager of Big Bud Club, the premier online supplier of high quality cannabis seeds.