Summer Survival: What Your Windows do to Your Energy Bills

beautiful heat-saving windowsSummer is just around the corner, and with it is the inevitable rise in temperatures. In order to combat this heat, most turn on the AC and choose to suffer the increased power bill rather than the increased temperatures. However, it does not have to be this way.

Your windows are a primary source of excess heat, and in this article we will explain how much they cost you, and what you can do to resolve the problem and cut costs.

The Costs

Poorly insulated windows can be responsible for as much as a 25% increase in your energy bills. Since all the light and heat from the sun is passing through mostly unimpeded, your air conditioning system has to work against this effect in order to keep your home cool. This means it stays active longer, draining your energy. With Florida residents alone looking at energy bills in excess of $100 on average, a 25% increase means potential energy costs in the $125 – $150 per month range. With these prices over the summer, the total costs quickly add up, and this is before we factor in the costs when winter rolls back around.

Ways to Reduce the Costs

Fortunately, there is hope. There are methods both old and new that have been proven useful in keeping the sun (and the heat) out of the home during brutal summer months. To help you with keeping your home cool several of these techniques have been outlined below:

Curtains and Blinds

Making use of heavy curtains will provide an insulating barrier between the outside world and the inside of your home. By keeping these curtains (or blinds if you have those instead) closed, you keep the sun out. By keeping the sun out, you keep the heat out. This will help cut your energy costs down by as much as 7%, which can add up big even after you deduct the costs of installing new curtains and blinds if you need them.

Closing the Doors

Another option for keeping your home cool and energy bills down is simply by closing the doors. You do not use every room in the house all day, and some rooms are going to be warmer than others. This is especially true for rooms in the house with lots of windows that tend to trap more heat than other parts of the house. Close off these rooms so the warm air does not have a chance to circulate throughout the rest of the home, helping to keep it from heating the house.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

As long as your house has windows, there will always be something for heat to pass through. As such, opting for energy efficient windows would be one of the best ways to help you save money on your home power bills. So-called “low-E” windows filter out certain frequencies of light that are associated with heat. By filtering out these frequencies and reflecting them away, you can be sure of a cooler and more comfortable home without drastically raising the energy bills. Service providers such as Window World Ocala can install these windows for you, allowing you to reap the benefits without having to put in the effort yourself.


Do not let yourself be caught out in the heat this summer. By following the above tips, you can help to keep your home cool without a drastic increase in the electric. Simply using curtains, closing doors, and installing energy efficient windows can help bring you back down to normal. Furthermore, these tips are not just for the summer: they are equally effective in helping keep your home warm during winter!

The writer, Brennen Kliffmueller, is a freelance writer who often discusses topics related to home improvement. He shares his experiences with his audience and hopes to make things easier for fellow homeowners. You can learn more about him on Google+.