5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Roof Contractor

Professional Roof Contractor on the RoofWe humans, in general, like to fix problems. And more often than not, we’re pretty happy with a quick fix, something that allows us to keep on using something until it truly is beyond repair and we have to buy a whole new one. This is an admirable trait – we’re resourceful and resilient, sadly it can also translate into not doing a job properly.

When it comes to roofing, there is no quick fix. You can’t just tape it up with your holy roll of gaffer tape or prodigal Blu Tack, this a job that needs to be done properly, by accredited roof contractors, and here’s why.


The most crucial reason for hiring accredited contractors has to be time. If you have work or kids or any type of social life you might not have the time to learn and efficiently fix the problem at hand. If you leave the job half done so that you can go and do something else you may find that this actually results in MORE damage.

Using a professional contractor who knows what they are doing means the job is done quickly and without a fuss. This protects your home and leaves you free to concentrate on the important things.


Here’s the rub – most of the time people participate in DIY it is because they want to save money, unfortunately when it comes to roofing, the chances are DIY isn’t going to save you.

The equipment needed for roofing isn’t the kind of stuff you’ll have in your DIY toolbox. Once you’ve gone around the shops buying all the stuff you need, chances are you’ve spent more than you would have done on an accredited contractor who already has the tools anyway. And of course you’ve got to anticipate that you might make mistakes.


Did you know that falls are the most common cause of death at home? And that the number of people suffering from injuries after falling of ladders has risen drastically in the last 15 years?

People laugh at health and safety in the workplace, and granted a lot of it is common sense, but there are reasons these rules are in place. We can be forgetful or complacent when we’re at home, we relax and don’t show the same resilience. Accredited roofing contractors go to work with their safe work mindset – they have the processes in place to make sure they are in a safe working environment.


This sort of buddies up with quality and time. A professional’s experience means that they can do a better job than you in less time. They’ve learnt their trade and they’ve likely done it hundreds of times before, whereas you will have to learn from scratch, this means the learning will take time and that you risk making costly mistakes which can cost you time, quality, money and your own safety.


Lastly, if you mess up, if you fall off the roof, if you make the whole roof fall in on you, you have no way to get that time and money back. You aren’t qualified to be doing the work so you aren’t going to be covered by the type of insurance that you need to protect you – professional, accredited roofing contractors are protected and keep you protected in the very unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Allan Buchan is the CEO at Confederation of Roofing Contractors, the premier roofing trades association in the UK.