Find Inspiration For Your Home In Nature

inspiring nature view

Seasonal color pallet

After a grey winter, nature shows the most beautiful colors, the shades of green, the beautiful tones of yellow, red, orange and purple, from the dark shades, to the pastel tones. After spring, the beautiful color of summer comes. There are the shiny shades of the blue sky, the light green of the grass and the yellow strips of the sun. Fall is, maybe, the most colorful season, that brings orange, red, yellow and green colors. Finally, you can draw inspiration from the Winter. Winter offers much more than uniform and grey and white tones.

Actually, the monochromatic season can be used as an inspiration for an elegant and clean look of the kitchen or bathroom. Gather inspiration from the four seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter, and establish a pallet of colors for your next design.

The shades of nature and the tones of nature

When you choose a color for your new design, or even the material to make the curtains and blinds for your windows, look through the window first. Nature offers an endless number of shades. Even though many think that a leaf is green and that’s it, you need to look close.

Most leaves, even flowers, have colors changes that can advance your space. A green leaf can be round around the edges, but it becomes darker at the center. You can use this as an inspiration in your home. Paint your wall darker on the edges, and lighter in the middle, or the other way around. Use gradual shading just like in leaves. This is just one of the many ways nature can inspire your when you decorate your home.

Nature is more than green and brown

When you think about nature, or the natural elements in design, most people think about green and brown tones or natural wood. But, there are more colors in nature than just green and brown. You can find inspiration in other natural elements, like animals or bugs. Take for example butterflies. Not all of them are brightly colored, but they have a lot of complicated patterns and incredible colors.

You can also get inspiration by looking at mountains. They can give you an amazing source of colors for your kitchen or bathroom. Let the textures of these elements inspire you to decorate your home.

Look at nature from a different perspective

Looking from a different point of view is another way nature can teach you about decorating your interior. When you are walking in your city, you may see street lights, and then, for example, you see a bench. Try to look at this from a whole different point of view. Imagine you’re an ant. First you would see a bench, and the last thing you would see would be the light. You can use this in your living room. Go for a bigger piece of furniture like a couch, and put a smaller light behind it. Try with different combinations of heights and shapes, it will add depth to your design.

By Milan Budimkic

Milan Budimkic, author of many articles loves to read, write and share interesting facts about a wide range of topics. When he is not spending time at his desk, he loves to travel and explore a culture.