Why You Should Switch Over To Energy Efficient Light Bulbs For Your Business

Green Energy Efficient Light BulbBusinesses from offices to retail use a lot of energy. As people are in and out of the building all day, lights are constantly left on, meaning that it increases your monthly energy bill. Lightning can be a huge cost as well as having dramatic changes on the environment. Developments in technology have created energy efficient lightning, which not only produces as much energy as a standard bulb, but at half the cost on your bill.

However, there are other benefits to energy efficient lightning that will highlight the great advantages they can bring to your business.

– Energy usage

One of the main features of the energy efficient light bulb is the amount of energy they use. They use a quarter of the fifth of energy used by standard light bulbs. They can save you around 80% of energy than a standard bulb. As mentioned previously, as lightning is the most common energy usage in any business, installing light bulbs will drastically reduce the amount of energy used to light your building.

They also emit less heat, so there is no risk of equipment malfunction. There is also the health benefits of energy saving bulbs, a standard incandescent light bulb can often cause headaches and nausea, but an energy saving bulb will be more beneficial for your employees as it reduces headache and nausea symptoms. LED and CFL roughly use between 44-55 kilowatts of energy, compared to a standard 219 kilowatts used by a traditional bulb.

– Lifespan

A traditional light bulb gives around 1000 hours of lighting. An energy saving bulb will give 8000, which means it can lost longer than a standard incandescent bulb and therefore cuts costs of replacing them on a regular basis. An LED bulb however has an average life span of 25,000 hours of usage. It is ideal for maintenance, as you will not need to change them as often as a standard light bulb.

– Environmentally friendly

Because of the longevity of the energy saving bulbs means that the demands to meet when producing them are less and contributes to less bulbs being used. For your business, this greatly reduces amount of waste that you are producing and again, cuts down on maintenance costs. As well as reduce the demand for more being made, the reduction of energy usage is also beneficial for the environment and reduces CO2 emissions.

– Cost effective

As mentioned previously, an energy saving light bulb uses less energy than an incandescent bulb and there reduces the amount of energy used. It will do exactly the same job as a traditional bulb, but at a lower cost. While they are expensive at first, with the cost starting around £2.99, in the long run they are beneficial for your energy bills.

Another benefit is that it creates the image that your company supports going green, which is ideal for customers and employees who support the environment. If you feel you could benefit from environmentally friendly lightning, contact a specialist in lightning management today to see where you can improve your lightning quality and reduce the amount of CO2 gases being released.

By Harry Price

Harry Price is a freelance writer, come footbal player and musician, who lives with his wife and 3 dogs in a small costal town on the south coast.