Understanding How to Help Your Stressed Cat

angry cat with blue eyesDealing with stress is not an easy task, and it can be difficult and sometimes very discouraging. For cats it is mostly the same torture through what we go through. You can notice that your cat is stressed if you see them behaving aggressively, avoiding litter boxes and less energy and activity.

For cats stress and anxiety come from more than just emotionally sources, even subtle changes in their environment can trigger stress in them. Physical changes are perhaps the top you should avoid if you do not want to stress your cat out.

Subtle changes

Cats just simply do not cope well with changes around them. Even simple changes can have devastating effects, and unless you know how to deal with their anxiety you will have a hard time trying to understand your little buddy’s suffering. Whether it is a visit to the vet or if there is a new family member, cats will not like it very much and they will show it.

Most of the times if cats are aggressive, it means that they are trying to get rid of the changes happening around them, especially if there is a new family member; you should gradually introduce the new member by letting your cat feel safe and important. Cats are like little babies, as soon as they notice that they are not top priority anymore, they will let you know.

relaxed cat sleepingDaily routines

Cats are creatures of habit, they like to do everything in their own time and meticulously. That is why cats can get very anxious or stressed out if you get a new job and find that you have to change your daily routine around your little furry friend. You should gradually introduce your cat to longer periods of being alone and when you get home make a big deal when you see your little friend once again. Make sure that your cat feels loved and appreciated, so that it will not get stressed out too much.


Moving can be really stressful for cats, and it is important to try and calm your cat before and after moving. Expect your pet to have many mood swings and to show that it is anxious. But, in order to minimize stress levels, make sure that your cat is surrounded with its favorite blanket, toys, litter box and other items the cat likes.

Moreover, make sure to use Feliway spray to create a safe and welcoming environment for your little friend. This spray contains pheromones which your cat will smell in the air and it will give them a feeling of security and safety, also it will make the new environment welcoming and your cat will be less anxious about moving. Make sure to spray all around your house so that your cat can feel welcome in all parts.

The window view

You should also be careful when handling your cat after it had a nice long view through the window, as it can notice another cat intruding territory, and all your cat wants to do is defend its territory but is unable, unfortunately, in most cases this means that your cat will attack the next closest being.

You will have to make sure that no other cats will able to come into the view of your cat’s daily gaze out of the window routine. Also, get creative with distracting your cat from just sitting at the window and watching the outside world; invent fun games and activities to keep your cat entertained.

Ariel Bellamy is a friendly and curious mind looking to make the world just a bit more polite. She is open to any discussion and you can reach her on @BellamyAriel