An Overview On Different Types Of Restaurant Jobs

Restaurant JobsWhether you are looking for a long-term career, or extra money to supplement your income, a restaurant job is a good choice. This is because the restaurant industry offers profitable, flexible, and fun employment for experienced professionals as well as individuals looking for part-time jobs.

Unlike most industries, a career in the restaurant industry is usually fast-paced and exciting, with the possibility of advancing within a short span of time if you are highly talented. In addition, the pay is good and the schedule is perfect for people who are only able to work part-time.

If you are interested in this industry, the following are the different job options available.


People who love cooking and are creative can have a great career as a chef. The work is quite challenging, as you will have to work long hours, weekends, and nights. However if you have a passion for cooking, you will barely feel the burden of the work. Aside from preparing the food, chefs are responsible for the kitchen and all the staff members working there. It is the duty of the chef to ensure that the kitchen is in order. Other duties include designing the menu and personally selecting the ingredients to be used.


The main role of a bartender is to prepare, mix, and serve drinks to customers; however, the bartender can be charged with other responsibilities. This could include preparing and serving coffee, collecting glasses from tables, wiping tables, collecting money, aiding in stock control, and other tasks. Bartenders can work on casual, part-time, or permanent basis. Those who work part-time have the luxury of taking on side jobs such as being the bartender at a party. While some places can take you with no training and train you themselves, bartenders with prior training or experience are highly sought out by employers.


Waiters have the most exciting and busiest of hospitality jobs with each working day being different from the previous one. Good communication skills, customer service mastery, and lots of energy are a must-have in this line of work. With the possibility of travelling to new places, waiters have a very diverse working schedule, which can include nights, weekends, and holidays. The main duty of waiters is to serve people with food and drinks but other duties can be scheduled into the work description of a waiter depending on the place of work.

Table Cleaner

Waiters or bartenders can do the work of cleaning tables in restaurants; however, some restaurants hire table cleaners also known as bus boy for the job. The duties of a table cleaner entails clearing tables of used dishes and glassware, and ensuring that the tables are clean, hygienic, and safe for people to eat at. In most cases, the position of a bus boy acts as a level-entry job for people wanting to become waiters and bartenders.


The final employment option in the restaurant industry is a managerial position. The duty of a manager is to ensure that the restaurant is running efficiently and profitably. This entails coordinating a variety of duties including managing all restaurant staff members, maintaining high standards of food and service, implementing money-generating tactics, and ensuring health and safety.

Bonnie Barber is a freelance writer and veteran in restaurant jobs having worked as a waitress for a few years before becoming a manager. She loves writing articles offering tips, advice, and information on the restaurant industry. check this website to know more.