Why Your Business Needs Fire Safety Training And How To Implement It

Fire Extinguisher - Fire Safety TrainingAll premises in the UK and across Europe (and the world, really) is susceptible to fire, be it through an accident or intentionally started. It is naïve to think that your business is immune to the risk of fire and it is this naivety that can catch you unawares while destroying not only your business, but potentially endangering the lives of your employees.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure your staff is thoroughly trained to spot hazards and how a fire disaster can be averted. Why should your business invest in fire safety training?

This blog will help highlight the reasons you should train your staff in efficient fire safety.

– Providing in-depth knowledge of the dangers

With fire safety training, you will be providing knowledge of how to safely evacuate a building. For a family, they have a window of under minute to evacuate the house, for a business it might not be so easy. For businesses who have large numbers of staff, the evacuation might prove hazardous, so you still will need to know the dangers a fire can bring to your business. Training will also inform your staff of possible fire hazards around the building, how to spot them and how to act quickly. You will give staff a chance to make an informed decision after learning about the dangers and how to recognise them.

– Encourages reactiveness

As mentioned before, your staff will be able to make quick decisions when discovering a fire. Training will focus on what you want them to do in that situation. It will provide them with clear instructions as to possible actions, how to use fire extinguishers and how to raise the alarm. Companies that provide fire training, encourage business to have an efficient fire evacuation procedure designed to vacate staff quickly and as safely as possible. They will also suggest that a fire drill should be carried out at least once a year so employees know what to do in an emergency situation.

This fire drill training should form a part of an overall training plan. The importance of practicing a fire drill is to provide your staff with knowledge of how to handle a fire situation; an efficient evacuation plan will mean the difference between life and death.

– Outsourcing fire training

If you want to outsource your training to a professional company, make sure the company can provide efficient bona fide training in all areas of fire safety. A company should also provide knowledge and guidance on how to create an effective evacuation plan while assessing your building for possible fire risks. They can train your staff to be aware of these risks as well and prepare them in the event of an incident by showing them how to tackle small to large fires.

In any event, ensuring that your staff are properly trained will have an effect on the reputation of your business. You will be seen as an employer who cares about the welfare of his employees and is willing to put them before the business, as that can be easily rebuilt compared to the lives lost through careless actions. You should seek advice and guidance on how to proceed with fire safety training. If you have already trained staff, it is worth keeping their knowledge up to date.

Bill Turner is an entrepreneur and family man. He enjoys spending lots of time with his kids and Yorkies. He has a family full of athletes and likes to train on the weekends.