Perks Of Using Video Conferencing

video conferencing from homeVideo conferencing is a technology that has introduced a whole new way of communication for major corporations and businesses. The technology allows for communication away from a conference room. It can enable employees a chance to relax and enjoy life, without the stress of attending major business conferences on the other side of the country.

Conferences can be practically anywhere and video conferencing allows for conferences to happen anywhere.

Do It From Home

Video conferencing allows for employees to work from home. This is a major perk because it allows for the perfect balance of life and work. It allows employees to spend more quality time with family and friends, without having to attend conferences on their weekends. Video conferencing platforms, such as Skype and Google+ Hangouts allows for employees to be home, at the park, on vacation and anywhere in between. This allows for happier employees and a likely increase in company productivity. A solution like BlueJeans can be used to integrate several different platforms.


Video conferencing is also extremely convenient. It allows for employees to be in contact from anywhere, they do not have to be at a conferences or meetings during some of the worst times. Conferences can sometimes take place during the holidays, no one wants to spend the holidays away from their home and family. Even during the busiest times, video conferencing allows for employees to stay where they are, with their family and attend to business matters.


A third perk is that video conferencing allows for employees and employers to maintain healthy relationships. It is crucial to the success of the company that everyone be on good terms and to be in communication. Video conferencing allows for everyone to be easily in touch no matter where they are. It allows for everyone to be on good terms with each other, and get to know each other in personal ways.


A fourth perk of video conferencing is that it is green. It is Eco-friendly because there is no commute being done to get anywhere. Cars, buses, trains, planes all produce toxic gases that deteriorate the Ozone layer. Video conferencing is done from home, meaning no one is getting in their cars to drive long or short distances to conferences.


A final perk, one that many should agree on is that it is excellent use of the available technology. Technology is constantly evolving and becoming better every day, by using what is available, it leads to easier lives. Technology can only produce better communication in a company.

In a world full of busy people, lacking time to attend important conferences and green taxes, carbon offsetting, etc. video conferencing allows for conferences to take place anywhere. It allows for even the most busiest people to find time to take important calls regardless of their location. It allows for proper communication amongst employees and customers, video conferencing extremely Eco-friendly.

This technology is incredibly convenient allowing for company productivity to increase dramatically whilst reducing a businesses costs, what’s not to like about it? Learn more about video conferencing technology and the benefits it offers here.

This post was supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark loves technology as it allows him to do a lot of work from home.