Sleep Right. Sleep Tight. Sleep With Wool!

Sleep With WoolGetting a good night’s sleep is at the top of everyone’s list; some function on only a few hours every night whilst others seem to need at least 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep in order to function.

Our sleep environment contributes to our getting to sleep and staying in a state of fitful slumber; our bedding is just one factor in this bigger picture. Being warm, but not too warm, for example is a common requirement but you will struggle to get this temperature balance with synthetic fibres – the best bedding is, in our eyes, undoubtedly wool.

Read on to find out why…

  • Temperature regulation – we have already hinted at this and how beg too hot is uncomfortable, and too cold a downright nuisance! And to top it all, neither are conducive to a good night’s sleep. Wool has a great property in that it can self-regulate so you should never be too hot nor too cold. Wool allows water molecules to move around freely, which is the secret to being ‘just right’ in terms of temperature.
  • Protection – dust mites can cause real problems for some people, children and adults but wool is a natural defence against this tiny critters. Wool is simply too dense for the dust mites to survive and so for those of us that cough and sneeze our way through allergies, wool can be a great protector.
  • It’s green – we are all looking to do our bit for the environment and using a product from a sustainable source is a great way of doing this. Wool from sheep is sustainable; they are sheared and their wool grows again – in other words, there is a constant supply!
  • Shape – synthetic duvets and pillows can, over time, lose their shape and ‘bounceability’. Pillows tend to be the biggest bugbear of customers; used once or twice and the fluffy pillow you came home with can be as flat as a pancake. Wool pillows retain their shape so well…
  • Fire resistant – many years ago, in an effort to make our homes safer, there was a special ticket designed that must now be on all modern soft furnishings. Making fire retardant items is now compulsory but wool has always had this property. Wool does not support the burning of a flame, and neither does it allow fire to spread. A perfect addition to any home!
  • Home grown – many of us are trying to support home industries much more these days and wool duvets and pillows is just one way of doing this. With the right temperament to lie in some of the micro-climates across the UK, from moorland to the highest mountains, sheep never fail to deliver quality fleece that with the minimal amount of ‘treatment’ can become something as snug and warm as a duvet.

There are so many reasons why wool is the right material to promote a good night’s sleep. But British wool is also enjoying a ‘come back’; despite falling out of fashion and trendiness some decades ago, many people are now realising that cheaper alternative – synthetic or man-made – are offering all the qualities they need.

Discover the difference wool duvets and pillows could make to your night’s sleep…

Our guest author is Pauline Beijen, Director of Devon Duvets, has workes for many years developing wool bedding and enjoys sharing her knowledge through blogging.