5 Ways To Save On Your Electric Bill This Summer

Summer Electric BillMany of us notice the price increase in our electric bill during the summer months. It is a distinct change in price and one we are not happy with. This is mostly caused by an overworked AC system that is constantly trying to pump cold air into your home. There are a few easy steps that we can take to help reduce the impact of the summer heat on our electric bill.

Maintain Your AC Unit

Keeping your air conditioning system running efficiently is a big help in lowering your power bill. During the summer months it can get sweltering outside, this forces your air conditioner to work overtime to keep the inside of your home cool. Be aware of how much it is working to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

One of the easiest things you can do is regularly replace your air filter. Over time the filter gets clogged up with dust, pet dander, and hair. This blocks the flow of steady air into the system forcing it to work harder to pump air throughout your home. Routinely check your filter to see how quickly it gets clogged up and needs replacing. Once it has a dusty gray coating on its surface it’s time to change it.

Also make sure your vents are clean and free of debris to allow proper air flow throughout your home. If you have an older AC unit, check into the upfront cost of a newer system you will surely save money over time.

Cover Windows

Covering your windows is another great way to keep the inside of your home cool. This can be done in several ways. You can use curtains with a UV protected layer to prevent the heat from entering into your home. Consider tinting your windows, especially the larger ones. Alternatively, add trees and bushes around the exterior of your home to provide shade from the sun.

There are so many ways you can add protection on your windows in order to block the heat from coming in. Depending on your budget consider one of these options to help reduce the amount of work your AC unit needs to perform to keep the inside cool. As you can see, using different ways to keep your home cool will be an effective way to lower your AC usage and effectively your electric bill.

Turn of AC While Gone

When you are away from your home, turn off your AC system when it is not needed. With current technology you can even control the system remotely via the internet. This will allow you to change the temperature as your are about to arrive at home to a comfortable condition. These systems also allow you to manage your lighting and other appliances and utilities to more efficiently make use of your power.


Hot air likes to move to cold air as we know from science. Check the seals for your windows and doors to make sure the cold air is staying in and the hot air out. There are a few ways to fix this problem if it exists. Use caulking to seal the edges of your windows and doors, replace the weather stripping, or even place a towel or cloth in areas that are not sealed completely. Also, you may want to consider adding an extra layer of insulation in your attic.

Small Creative Measures

Reducing your electric bill is all about keeping your home cool without needing to pump your AC system around the clock. Yes, you can also better manage lighting to lower your electric bill; it will serve a dual purpose in keeping your home cool and use less electricity at the same time. Getting creative and using cheap solutions can work just as well as purchasing expensive blinds and window shades. Be creative by cooking when it is cooler outside, or eating cool foods to keep your body temperature down. All of these things will help to keep you comfortable while lowering your power bill in those hot summer months.

The writer, Nick Quinlan, as an Orlando resident who works in electrical engineering and uses his skills to ensure maximum efficiency for friends and family. To help beat the heat, he advises that you hire a professional installer with a proven track record, and to that end highly recommends FacemyerACOrlando.com. You can learn more about Nick by visiting him on Google+.