Can This Tree Be Saved?

lovely garden treeWhether you are someone who is looking into purchasing a new property or you are simply concerned with the trees on your land, it is worth your time to look up and to assess the health of the trees. Dead and dying trees are a risk because they can fall and hurt buildings and people, so make sure that you are aware of the signs of a dead tree.

Loose Bark

A tree’s bark is part of the essential system that runs nutrients up and down a tree’s length. If the bark is damaged, the tree suffers, and if the bark is flaking off, there is a better than average chance that the tree is dead. Though some trees, like paper poplars, have loose bark, in general, the bark should be fit tightly to the tree’s trunk.

Dead Leaves

Every spring and summer, a tree’s leaves should come in in the appropriate color. The color should be vibrant, and the leaves themselves should have a firm and smooth feel to them. When the leaves come in stunted or deformed, pale in color or with uneven edges, the tree is at the very least diseased, if not dead or dying. If a tree has only a section of leaves that are affected, it might yet be saved. However, if the issues with the leaves cover the entire tree, there is a good chance that the tree is on its way out.

Loose Branches

Though loose branches will occur after a storm and other environmental upset, you will find that in general, trees do not shed branches as a matter of course. If you shake the tree lightly and you get a shower of branches, the tree is in some kind of serious trouble.

Look for Wounds

A tree’s bark should be all in one piece and tight to the trunk, so look for cracks and wounds. Some trees do undergo trauma, but a tree’s biology is such that if the tree is healthy, that trauma will heal. If you see a lot of cracks or a lot of gouges in the wood. Similarly, if you see a place where a branch has broken off and there is no new growth going over it, the tree is having some kind of issue that needs to be resolved quickly. A tree should be able to heal its wounds, and when it can’t, you are looking at a serious issue.

Dead Branches on One Side of a Tree

Dead branches on one side of a tree are a sign that the tree is sick, but it might mean that the tree needs to go. Lopsided trees are always in danger of collapse, and it might mean that you need to have it cut down.

Dry Wood

A tree’s branches should be limber with a fair amount of give to them, even the think branches. If you notice that your tree’s branches seem very brittle and dry, it is time to call in a tree doctor or arborist at once. Dry wood is not only a sign of a dead tree, it is the sign of a tree that could be on the verge of collapse.

If your tree is dead or if you are merely afraid that it is dead, call in a professional. A good tree doctor can tell you what steps you need to take to keep the tree healthy or to nurse it back to health if there is an issue.

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