Windows Server 2003 Help Out In July- Dell Forum Offers Solutions

technological worldForums can be extremely helpful for everyone and the Dell forum is not an exception. Just recently, Dell has announced in the forum that it will support and provide for the almost-dying Windows Server 2003. The mentioned server will soon end on the 14th of July this year, but Dell has realized that there are still several organizations that do not know about the upcoming situation.

Since many companies do not have a clue about the pending end of Windows Server 2003, this just means that the organizations that need the old architecture will suddenly face problems connected to the loss. With this fact, Dell has made an important decision and announced at the Dell forum that the tech company will support migrations. The company also encourages users and enterprises to consider better server control through the elimination of the old server from their network or system.

Why Dell Wants to Help  

According to Suresh Vaswani, the President of Dell Services, customers all across the world will put their important data at risk along with their clients. This danger will happen if users do not switch to a newer server before the deadline arrives. One of the risks that are associated with not migrating off of the 2003 version is that the customers may not be able to comply with all the industry and regulatory standards. Of course, this will have a negative impact on the business, especially for those that belong to the highly regulated industries, meaning healthcare and finance.

Dell’s Involvement in the Migration Process  

Dell’s participation in the migration process will begin with the help of AppZero, which will allow Dell to assist the customers in migrating from their old hardware to the new one using Windows Server 2012 R2. Then there will be an automated task sequence in which Dell will provide help in using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or MDT and System Center Configuration Manager. With the experience in handling these two solutions, customers will be able to build automated processes for their migration.

Dell will also help in the testing of the service of the app so that customers will know whether it is compatible with the server or not. This move is quite important since leaving an old operating system to move on to a new one will have problems at the beginning. These issues will normally lie on speed, especially with service and application compatibility.

Providing More Solutions  

Dell will also lend a helping hand when it comes to legacy apps. Some applications may not be able to survive the new environment, which makes it impossible for the organizations to migrate them. Dell has said that this is not a problem as they have already looked into the issue. There are many companies these days that spend a ton on custom apps. However, issues suddenly arise, such as that the developer quits while the company still uses the app, making it unusable after the move.

Dell believes that small companies are not the only ones with the problem regarding the end of Windows Server 2003. In fact, there are also huge names in the industry that are not even aware about the pending end of the server. Luckily, Dell has experienced departments and teams that can make the move so much easier.

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