Corporate Event Entertainment With Emotional Impact: Fun With Speed Painting

There is something about speed that fascinates all of us! Speed, even if it is ‘stimulated speed’ or speed, which we do not directly experience – has the ability to get us all excited and enthused. Little wonder why, there are so many movies about fast cars, bikes and people!

The Guinness Book of World Record is testament to the fact that, speed commands a lot of respect where human beings are concerned. Many record holders in it, have performed sometimes ordinary acts, but at extraordinary speed! Speed painting performances similarly, thrill audiences and often leave them mesmerized!

Speed Painting Artist

Who are Speed Painters and What Do They Paint

Speed painters are talented artists, who have mastered the ability to create giant paintings with amazing dexterity and speed. They paint on enormous canvases generally using paint and /or glitter. Their subjects are usually recognizable faces, being celebrities from varied spheres like, politics, films, television, sports, comedy and music. For customized shows at corporate events, however, the face being painted on the giant canvas often belongs to the corporate head honchos themselves!

Messages That Speed Painting Performances Deliver

Many paintings that are whipped up by artists during performances, may also contain messages that companies may want to send out to the audiences attending the event. However, what the painting will really be about ultimately depends on how the corporate event manager has briefed the artist. Speed painters may be asked to deliver a variety of messages through their paintings as well as their anchoring skills. These may range from, employee appreciation messages to motivational messages – that bind employees together and inspire them to work as a team.

For external audiences at corporate events, messages could be more varied. Their intent could range from establishing the credibility of corporate houses; conveying corporate, environmental or social missives; to simply seeking to entertaining audiences and building a good rapport with them.

Such Performances are Loved for their Novelty Value

Speed painting performances at corporate events, often blend creativity and imagination with emotions! Perfecting the art and science of speed painting, requires an enormous amount of practice! However to be successful, speed painters must also put in a lot of thought into not just what they are going to paint, but also how they are going to go about doing it!

Professionals may use any range of additions to their speed painting performance, in order to make this happen. While most speed painting performances see music, wit and humor being used along with art; at some corporate events, professionals may also dance, perform gymnastics, sprint, skate or indulge in other sporting activities, for the purpose of novelty!

Speed Painting Shows are Often Emotional Experiences

Most speed painters believe that, until their performance touches their audience’s hearts, they have not been able to make an impact!  Quite naturally then, almost every speed painting performance is focused on getting the audiences to sit up and take notice! Amazingly, speed painters do manage to have their audiences gasping in admiration and bursting into peals of laughter from time to time. If you are among those who wonder, how a speed painter can bring an audience to tears; well, here’s their secret!

Speed painters use the element of ‘surprise’ to connect with their audiences. They start off by using, sometimes up to five brushes in both hands while painting, accompanied by music, a jig or two and some jokes thrown in between. Many artists simply throw blobs of paint onto their canvases and use their fingers or other aids, to smudge them on it. The short prelude of sometimes just five minutes or less, keeps the audience wondering how, the artist is going to manage to transform a messy canvas into a work of art!

People watch in rapt attention as if witnessing a magic show. The artist seems to be doing so many things, so quickly, that it calls for the powers of concentration!  And then, suddenly, often during the last few minutes, the speed painter performs a master stroke on his/her canvas ….and lo behold…there’s the image of an icon on it! It is this shock and awe element of speed painting performances that touches an emotional chord in audiences!

This article was written by Kimli D. Strauess, an artist herself, who is an avid follower of the latest speed painting trends at corporate events.