DIY Spider Control Made Easy

dangerous spiderSpiders are at the top of the hate list for most people, in some instances spiders can also be downright dangerous which is why spider control is so important. The best way to get rid of spiders apart from battling them with a newspaper, shoe or vacuum cleaner is to clearly make your home less inviting to these insects. There are a number of steps you can take in order to make your home a hostile place for them.

Clean your home thoroughly

One of the best and most effective spider control measures is to thoroughly clean your home. Spiders are creatures that like to live in places where they can easily go unnoticed. So, you will find them in corners, around baseboards and even underneath the cupboard. The one thing you can start doing is to unclutter your home and vacuum regularly underneath your couch, table, bed, side table etc. However, vacuuming once a while is not going to make a difference it has to be done daily.

Place a few glue traps

If you have constantly seen a spider in a particular area of your home or office but are unable to catch it then try using a good old glue trap. This trap will simply stick to the spider making it difficult for them to escape when you come around. Plus if you have seen quite a few spiders and bugs in one area there is a good chance that they are living in that area.

There could be a few cracks where they are hiding out in. The best way to get rid of them would be to caulk the cracks. There could be other reasons why they are in that area, it could be because your dog eats there or perhaps crumbs are being left behind by bugs and so these are attracting spiders.

Focus on the exterior 

There are many people who just focus on the inside of their homes when coping with the spider problem, but it’s equally important to address the exterior too. Having stacks of wood or leaves and other debris around your home is going to invite pests because that is where they go to find bugs. Simply keep the perimeter of your entire home clean and that will help a great deal.

creepy spider

Hang a few hedge Apples 

You should be able to find these at the nearest Osage orange tree which is native to Texas and Oklahoma and even though they are not poisonous these spiders hate them. These are easily available at farmers’ markets or even the local grocery store. Just hang them outside of your door, patio, garage, patio or deck. Inside your home these can be hung around the house where you typically see spiders. If you want faster results then slice the apple in half and put it in a bowl in order to circulate a strong aroma.

Natural spider repellant 

People who are looking for an effective and natural spider repellant or spider control instrument look no further than essential oils. Spiders like many other insects hate peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemon. You can just add a few drops in some water and then spray the bottle as well as apply it to your window screens, base boards, door frames, and wherever you may notice pests. It is also strongly advised that you spray outside of our home and also the deck area but it has to be reapplied frequently. A few drops can also be soaked into cotton wool and then put in corners and on windowsills.

 Commercial spider control products 

These commercial products often vary in effectiveness but there are all meant to be a quick fix to your problem as opposed to a long term solution. This is why instead of betting on the effectiveness of these products its best to hire a professional spider control service.

Services like Australia based Chambers Pest Solutions have been around for a very long time and over the years they have helped successfully remove spiders and other insects from homes across the country. Once spiders are removed then all people need to do is to keep their home uncluttered and vacuum frequently to avoid encouraging these insects from coming in.

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Mark has been in the pest control business for over ten years. He is one of the leading experts on natural pest control but believes that at times chemicals and a thorough understanding of the pest is important to its elimination and control. He has also written extensively about pest control in the past via articles and blog posts

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