3 Ways To Dress Up A Bay Window

Having a bay window in your home is already a decorative addition to an otherwise boring wall. Typically windows are not thought of as a focal point for décor; however bay windows are contrary to that thought. Listed below are three ways to ensure your bay window gets noticed.

Bay Window Treatments

The first important decision to make for dressing up your bay is what kind of treatment are you looking for, for the window itself. Is your window floor length or does it have a bench seat? Is it positioned in the house where a lot of sun comes in or is it already adequately shaded? If it is floor length, then curtains are the more appropriate choice.

There is a wide selection of floor length curtains ranging from sheer, patterned, embroidered to lace. Selecting the right curtain for your room largely depends on: the amount of light you want to let in, the amount of light you want to keep out and the color scheme for the decorum in the room itself. Full length curtains can open up a room to make it look larger.

When hanging your curtains you will want to make sure you have the appropriate curtain hardware to conform to the bay windows shape. If your window has a bench seat curtains are still a viable option; however if someone sits on it you run the risk of pulling them down. Shades serve as a more practical option. You can also keep the window open by choosing to decorate it with a valance.

Decorative Throw Pillows

If your bay window has a bench seat consider padding it if it is not already padded. A comfy cushion provides as an inviting spot to have a seat; whether it is to curl up with a good book, collect your thoughts, listen to the drumming of the rain, soak in some sun rays, or simply just being aware and taking in the neighborhood by looking through your window.

In addition to a padded seat, decorative throw pillows add color and pizzazz to your room’s focal point. You can choose from solid colors to compliment your furniture or jazz it up with stripes, squares, polka dots or fun animal prints. You can add dimension, richness and texture to your window with different fabrics and even furs. Throw pillows are easy to swap out when you want to change the décor to the room to accommodate the changing seasons and holidays.


If you prefer to not pad your bench seat, it can provide as a display case for your most cherished knickknacks, (or as some refer to them as, dustables). If you have a collection of ceramics or dolls, you can arrange them on the bench seat for a beautiful display.

Family portraits and photo memories can be displayed lovingly in decorative picture frames. Your bay window bench seat can also harbor floral arrangements and candles so long as they are not left unattended to of course!

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