Tips For Buying Bathroom Tiles

Any bathroom renovation project is incomplete without the right tile layout. So, it pays to plan your tile layout from the very beginning because it will aid with things like framing changes to locating niche locations for your fixtures or lighting.

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If you do not adequately plan for using bathroom tiles your results may not be exactly what you wanted, plus the outcome can be hard to predict. Even though experts have laid out possibly hundreds of rules when it comes to buying bathroom tiles but below are the most important ones.

Plan everything out 

Before you buy bathroom tiles or decide on what tiles you want it is important to mark all the niches. So, mark your wall studs with some spray paint or you can even mark all the sides using a marker which will inform the tradespeople that this space is reserved. Then other details like recessed medicine cabinets or fans and down lights need to also be properly specified when you start the project. Check these carefully prior to the professionals coming in to install things like the water lines, plumbing lines, heating lines, electric lines, duct work, cooling lines and wiring.

 Check the tile sizes 

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes made by many people with tile layout is that they assume that a 12 x 24 inch tile is really actually 12 inches by 24 inches when it’s not. The majority of tiles sold in Europe or ones that use EU sizing specifications usually have a few centimeters of grout joint also factored in so consider that your tile can be around 11 3/8th of an inch. The best way to avoid any mistakes would be to purchase a good sample of the tile you want and then lay them out. Also check the tiles for their warping and also soak test them too.

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 Tiles need to be laid downwards from the ceiling

Why do so many shower niches that you see have cut bathroom tiles? Even though cutting is an option but it shouldn’t be this way. You should layout the pattern from the very beginning so that all the mitered parts start from the grout. You may find that laying out the tile pattern from a finished ceiling will make things easier. You can also draw up your design on the wall board before you start waterproofing to ensure that the layout is correct prior to installing your tiles. If the present wall studs happen to hinder the plumbing fixtures from being put where you need them to be then address this right away.

 If you are working with what is known as a liner drain which a tile insert, make sure that the grout joints run directly through it to give the drain a good flowing look.

 Careful when you are around the doors and windows

 The tile layout around your windows and doors can be very critical. Since every door and window can be different it presents its own set of challenges when you layout bathroom tiles. So, the waterproofing system needs to be designed with these windows in mind. This will allow for you to prevent any water from reach behind the tiles and then into the window’s frame. So, tile sills and leaving some room for expansion will help to ensure that the tile holds up for many years.

 Setting the drain

Most people think that they can just drop the drain in the middle and forget about it when in fact it’s the wrong approach. There are many bathroom drains that do not have any roof for further adjustment and so getting them to be perfect will require precise planning. So, your drain needs to be planned correctly prior to your plumber arriving. Ideally, you will want your plumber to position the drain pipe very close to but not within the finished position because the tile installer will need to determine the ideal layout for the shower. The shower will have to be flood tested.

Guarding bathroom tiles against leaks

Leading tile services like Australia based Stile Tiling recommends grading places outside of the shower back in order to safeguard against any leaks. So, the extra inlay tile which is around the barrier free shower can be tipped slightly towards the shower like it would in a traditional shower curb.


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