Wall Decor Adds Pizzazz To An Ordinary Boring Wall: Six Decor Knows For All

You have the furniture, the window drapes and all those little knickknacks to make the room colorful and fun to match your personality and yet there is something still missing.
Perhaps you need to do something with the blank walls. Perhaps you have painted the surface of your walls in beautiful colors or left them a brilliant white; still it seems like an empty canvas waiting for you to transform it into something that will wow every person that enters the room.

Wall decor adds those right amount of personal touches capturing your personality and decor design to make a wall look fabulous and a room transformed.

Let Mirrors Reflect The Room’s Beauty

Mirrors have gotten a makeover throughout the years as you can find contemporary, traditional, modern and industrial type frames that complements the design of the room. In addition, mirrors can make small rooms look bigger and reflect more light into dark rooms.

Let Pictures Tell Your Family Story Creatively

Picture frames are the quickest way to brighten and change the look of a room. You can become even more creative when it comes to hanging family photographs. Go with designer and unique frames set in different patterns on the wall to attract people as they gaze at the photographs. Or make a divided photograph design as you can blow up the photograph and divide it into grids to hang it on the wall.

Fabric Panels Can Give Texture And Depth

For a large wall with no windows, panels covered in fabric can give a one-of-a-kind design as well as texture to any wall. If you have extra fabric from a favorite old comforter or blanket, you can cover the panels and hang them on the wall. Make blocks of color that you can rearrange whenever the mood suits you so you are constantly changing the look of the room.

Chalkboards Add Fun And Functionality

Let kids draw on the walls! A child’s bedroom wall can transform into a personal work of art with chalkboards and dry erase boards. Or you can place a chalkboard in the home office with your favorite quote or pictures as you can easily change it to something else to get you motivated to finish up your work.

Wall Decals The Easy Way To Change A Wall Without Adding Wallpaper

You love the color of the wall, yet wish it could have an elaborate pattern similar to wallpaper patterns without the messy application of glue. Why not add wall decals to the surface? Wall decals can instantly transform a room with beautiful patterns and designs similar to wall paper yet they have an adhesive backing that allows easy application and removal of the decal.

Modular Shelves Gives Your Knickknacks A Place To Stay In A Decorative Way

When your bedroom doesn’t have the space for a full bookshelf, try modular shelves that hang directly to the wall. These stylish shelves can hold picture frames, vases and other doodads while enhancing the appearance of the wall as you can place the shelves in different places to create unique eye attracting designs.

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