Hybrid Dog Breeds: Better For People With Allergies?

most adorable hybrid dog breedIf you want to own a dog but are concerned about allergies caused by dog hair, dander and/or saliva, you may be tempted to purchase one of the many “hybrid dogs” currently available from a variety of dog breeders. Hybrid dogs are created by having purebred dogs of different species breed together and are said to be fully hypo-allergenic and thus safe for dog owners, their children and/or family members and friends who are allergic to regular purebred or mongrel dogs.

However, it is important to note that there is really no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. In fact, a recent study done by Henry Ford Health System notes that hybrid dogs are not necessarily less allergic than other dogs. The study was based on information from sixty breeds of dogs, eleven of which are commonly classified as being hypoallergenic.

Are Hybrid Dogs Good for People with Allergies?

It is important to note that some hybrid dogs are less likely to cause allergies than others. For instance, hybrid dogs that have less saliva than other dog breeds are less likely to cause welts and/or skin rashes for allergic dog owners. Hybrid dogs with less hair will naturally cause fewer allergies than shedding dogs with lots of hair.

Having an allergy does not preclude dog ownership. A dog owner who purchases a hybrid dog and takes certain precautions will not have to worry about having too many serious allergy problems. What is more, Henry Ford Hospital has noted in another study that owning a dog early in life can enable a person to build up a protection against dog allergies. If you are allergic to dogs but want to prevent your children from suffering the same problems, then buying a dog when they are young can be a good idea.

Points to Keep in Mind When Buying a Hybrid Dog

If you are buying a hybrid dog in hopes that it will cause fewer allergy problems than a regular dog, it is important to do careful research. To start with, make sure the seller is reputable, as there are many unscrupulous dog breeders/sellers who will give you false information. You should see the parents, find out about their health, see the dog’s health certificate and make sure the dog breeder has home checks done for the puppy.

Some hybrid dogs are more hypo-allergenic than regular purebred dogs, as they are bred to have less hair, saliva and/or dander than regular dogs. Even so, bear in mind that there is no such thing as a fully hypoallergenic dog and any allergy sufferer who buys a dog is sure to experience some allergies at some point in time. It is still possible for such a person to (happily) own a dog by making sure the dog being purchased does not have a lot of saliva, hair or dander; however, this should be done with caution to ensure the dog is just right for the owner and will not cause serious problems in the future.

+Neil Kilgore is the Jack (Russell) of all trades at Greenfield Puppies in Lancaster Pa. He regularly blogs about dogs, breeders and puppies on the Greenfield Puppies website.