Best Tips For Purchasing A Sectional

Lovely SectionalWhen it comes to sectionals, the first that comes to mind is how family friendly they are. There’s just nothing more comfortable than lounging in a sectional. However, compared to the sofa and the love seat, the sectional can be either a blessing or a curse to any room. For this reason, homeowners have often come to love the piece or hate it with burning passion.

It just seems like the only way that a sectional would look great in your space would be if it was meant specifically for it. That can be very discouraging to those who have dreamed of having a family room or living room with a perfectly placed sectional but with everything, information is power.

Mastering the terminology.

Before you even being shopping for a sectional, it’s good practice to know how these pieces are usually referred to. The “right arm facing” or RAF is a kind of sectional that, when you’re facing it, has its arm on your right. Consequently, the “left arm facing” or LAF means that the arm is on the left.

It’s important that you nail down the type of sectionals there are in the market especially if you are thinking about combining two together to come up with one large sectional.

Making a sectional.

A sectional is typically made using at least two pieces which are placed perpendicularly to each other. Using the rule of economics, the lesser the number of pieces that you use in building your sectional, the cheaper it will turn out for you in the end. To make a sectional that has an L appearance, you have to options which may include three pieces or only two pieces.

The more expensive manner of building a L-type of sectional would include using a RAF love seat and a LAF sofa with the first one positioned horizontally and the second one vertically. To connect these two pieces together, a square corner is placed in between. This then completes the L-sectional.

On the other hand, if you want to lower your costs, you can opt to recreate the same sectional by using the same LAF sofa and then placing it over the very end of an RAF corner sofa. With just two pieces fitted together, the second option is the more practical and cost-efficient one.

Use a room to determine the kind of sectional you need.

Since you can make all sorts of sectionals using different types of pieces, Nick Scali furniture on twitter suggests you can then come up with a sectional style that is perfect for the size and shape of the room you have. A small room may do well with a sectional that is made up of a LAF love seat and a RAF chaise with the latter going positioned against the wall.

For rooms that are designed for watching television, the sofa and chaise combo is an excellent option since it allows all of the occupants to face the television with the one occupying the chaise having the space to even recline.

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