Nursing – A Highly Rewarding Career Option

If you have been wondering about choosing nursing as your career path then this article is exactly what you need. It’s natural to have doubts and curiosity before making a decision regarding your career. Through this article we will help you to decide if nursing is the best career option for you.

  • Choosing the right way :

There are many ways of becoming a nurse. You can either apply for a short term course in nursing or a full blown bachelor’s degree. Be assured that there are ample opportunities for employment irrespective of the course that you take up. LVN (Licensed Vocational nurse) training program is a short term course of 1 year. It is an excellent choice for someone who wants to get in to the nursing business fast. However short term programs offer only the most basic level of nursing education and patient care training. Furthermore, a LVN is not supposed to practice independently. All LVNs are supposed to practice under the guidance of a registered senior nurse.

If you wish to go for a higher level of professional training and nursing education then you can go for an AND (Associate Degree in Nursing). Almost all students who opt for short term programs are required to go through higher education in order to increase the prospects of growth and promotion. For this reason you can also consider to apply directly for bachelors in nursing degree program.

  • Employment opportunities :

Currently the health care industry is struggling with an acute shortage of professionally trained nurses. This acute shortage has transformed nursing in to a highly rewarding career with almost 100 percent employment rates.

  • Work environment:

The work of a nurse is quite challenging. In fact the work of any medical professional involved in patient care is difficult. As a nurse you might be asked to do double shifts and sometimes work even on Sundays. But all of this comes with its own perks. You will have a job security and high income.

  • How to increase the prospects of growth and promotion :

If you want to take your nursing career to the next level then you will be required to get some more nursing education. As a trained nurse you can apply for Accelerated Nursing Programs. As the name implies, these programs are supposed to impart a higher level of professional education and patient care training in a shorter time frame. The course duration of most of the accelerated training programs is about one to two years.

There is no doubt in the fact that nursing is a highly rewarding career option but it is also equally demanding and challenging too. In order to successfully complete the professional training programs for nurses, you’ll be required to focus extensively on your academics. Some people find it difficult to cope up with the hospital training and academic classes. Hence, before making a decision you must ask yourself if you can handle the pressure that comes along with a successful nursing career.

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