Complete Your Dream Kitchen With A Pop Of Color!

kitchenWant to Add A Pop of Color to Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen is a focal point in your home and there are all sorts of neat appliances out there that can add not only efficiency to your home and everyday life but style too. It just depends on color. Are you bold and bright? Calm and cool? Classic and elegant? Modern and simple? Maybe a little bit of all of those? This is your home and your kitchen, so get creative.

Matching Your Current Kitchen

Take into account your style and the layout of your kitchen, most importantly, the color of your kitchen. If you played it safe and stuck with basic white walls and back splash in your kitchen you can add any pop of color with your appliances. Make sure, however, that it matches you major appliances which usually only come in one of three colors; white, black or stainless steel.

If you have white décor, white appliances would be boring despite them matching. Choose a nice bright blue, mint green, or deep maroon red, maybe even a yellow. You can’t really go wrong when adding a pop of color when it comes to your appliances but just make sure they all go together. For example, if you fell in love with a fuchsia pink Kitchen-Aid Mixer and have a matching pink Blender, maybe you can find a pink toaster and utensils and leave it at that.

Wooden Cabinets

If you have varnished wood or really any type of wood in your kitchen, you can lean more towards warmer colored appliances like oranges and reds. Deep dark varnished woods can look great with blue appliances and granite countertops can look good with almost any color too but if you want to play it safe, match the colors in the granite which are usually whites, grays and blacks.

Stainless Steel

Even if you major appliances are stainless steel (for example) try and have a little fun adding your style and color into the kitchen. Appliances now-a-days come in almost every color imaginable. If you are single and don’t have to compromise on color choice; that makes things a little easier. If you and your spouse can agree on color choice; fantastic.

If you cannot decide or aren’t able to come to an agreement on the color of your appliances, stick with the basic neutral colors such as white, black, grey or stainless steel. They are always classic colors and never go out of style. This way if you move, you don’t have to worry about your appliances not matching the given décor. I tell you this from personal experience.

As an avid baker I dreamed of a Paula Deen Yellow or Maroon Kitchen-Aid Mixer. My fiancé, bless his heart, for Christmas bought me one and it was white. Yes…white. You can probably feel my dismay reading that but I got to thinking. We haven’t re-done the kitchen the way we want and I can always add cute decals to it if need be. The rest of our smaller appliances are mixed stainless and black. I can handle that since they go with everything.


No matter which way you decide to go when picking the color of you appliances, make sure you are happy with your decision and it feels right in your gut. Try printing a color copy of the appliance of your choice and place it in your kitchen if you are in doubt.

This article was written by Catriona McBain. Catriona is a first time homeowner with her fiance and has become a DIY and design expert over the past few months. She also is a professional writer for Dallas Home Appliances and uses her knowledge to bring all the tips and tricks of home improvement to her readers.