5 Tips To Make Your Roof Last Longer

House roofWhen you have to replace a roof, that replacement can be costly. Thus, it is in your financial best interest to know some maintenance tips to make your roof last longer. There are a few simple things that you can do to make your roof last longer which will in turn defer its costly replacement. These 5 tips are actions which you can perform to your roof which will help keep it in good repair.‎

1. Sweep the roof

Yes, you read right! Sweep the roof with a broom to remove anything which might in time cause damage to the shingles. One of the biggest damage causes is the inevitable build-up of leaves that have transferred from your trees to your roof. Other debris of nature also makes its way onto your roof; remove this easily with a broom or power-wash set on the lowest setting.

2. Clean the gutters and gutter drains

Climb up and clean out the gunk, leaves, etc., from your gutters. Failing to clean these will result in the water overflowing the gutters and drains and washing up over your roof if the gutters get too full. Giving your roof this unneeded water will weaken and later rot your shingles unless all this mess is cleaned up.

3. Trim back any branches hanging over the roof

Any overhanging branches can easily be dislodged during a storm, causing them to fall on the roof if they are small and through the roof if they are not small. The last thing that you need after a big storm is to have to drag fallen branches off of your roof or worse, out of your house. Prevent this disaster from occurring by keeping up with your low-hanging branches before they try to come in to visit during a storm.

4. Be alert to any visibly defective or “curling” shingles

Shingles do curl. That is because they are pliable and tend to change shape slightly with the temperature or from an impact from a branch. If you can see a shingle that has curled up, leaving a portion of your roof decking exposed, it is simple to climb up and uncurl them or repair them appropriately. The hassle of climbing up to fix one shingle is far less than having to tear off the roof to replace the whole.

5. Look for and replace any rotting shingles

You need to deliberately look at your shingles for more than curled edges. Inspect them, and if one or two have become rotten, replace the damaged ones. They are easier to replace as individuals than as a whole group.

Proper preemptive maintenance of your roof will solve lots of problems. By being aware of the condition of the roof and its shingles, you will have a much better idea of any need for repairs than you will have from inspecting it from the yard or patio. For just a little bit of time and just small amounts of money, you can keep “on top” of your roof’s condition and maintenance needs.



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