Great Ways To Get Kids Involved In The Kitchen

If you are like most people, your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. Usually, you will find that everyone likes to gather in the kitchen whether it is around breakfast on a busy morning or to talk over snacks late in the evening. When you have children, it goes without saying that the kitchen can be a spot in your home where you can create all sorts of memories, especially as you get them involved in creating and cooking various meal items.

Martin Wilkinson from says, to start integrating your children into kitchen activities, you are going to find that it is easier than ever to teach them about food. Before you know it, they will be enjoying different recipes and techniques with you and making memories along the way.

Keep It Fun And Healthy

One of the wonderful things about food and children is that if you are able to get them involved in the cooking process, you are more likely to get them to eat healthier choices. A great way to integrate healthy foods into a kitchen adventure with your children is to pick from brightly colored fruits and vegetables. By giving them tasks such as washing fruits and veggies or even cutting them by using a kid safe chopper, you are going to find that they will become very involved and invested in each recipe that you put in front of them.

A great tip – think of making a fruit salad by cutting the ingredients into fun shapes or even assemble them to make silly faces. When you stop to think about it, the possibilities in kid friendly recipes are truly endless.

The Star Of The Show

Kids just love to see themselves in photographs and videos. Because of the popularity of cooking shows in the last few years, there are more families watching together than ever. Talk with your child about a favorite dish of theirs that they like to prepare. When they are prepared, break out the video camera and let them explain how they prepare and cook their menu choice. Once they finish, they will have a video that they can be proud of and even show off to their friends and family members for years to come showcasing their accomplishments.

Showcase Organizational Skills

One of the most important things about preparing food in the kitchen is a level of cleanliness and organization. By spending time with your children in the kitchen, you are able to show them the importance of taking pride in their preparation skills along with the method to each step of the cooking process. Anytime a dish is prepared, it is important to pick up after yourself and keep the kitchen clean and free of harmful bacteria. The more you go through with them, the more valuable skills children will pick up along the way.

To add more to each cooking experience, you can even have them design the table and set it for the family or special guests. There are more than a few different ways that you can make the kitchen and dining experience both rewarding and exciting.

The Value Of A Dollar

Talk with your children about putting together a shopping list for the next meal that you will be preparing together. Visit the grocery store with them and have them help you to pick out all of the ingredients. Talk over measurements with them as well as the different prices that are found at the grocery store.

In addition to shopping and planning out a menu, you can also teach your children the value of a dollar in terms of kitchen activities by putting together lemonade to sell or even by baking treats that can be offered up at a bake sale. In the end, you are going to find that there are lots of great ways that you can get your kids involved in the kitchen.


Amy Rice writes about beautiful kitchens, when not writing she enjoys visiting the cinema, baking and dining out with friends.