4 Reasons Why Fences Make The Best Neighbors

We have all heard the saying that the best neighbor is a good fence. Now, you may have just moved to a neighborhood and you like the idea of neighbors and being able to keep an eye on everything going on, but just wait.

There is a reason that the old saying I mentioned above is a saying at all. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a privacy fence. If you have lived in a neighborhood for a while then you should get a kick out of this.

Can I Borrow

We all have that neighbor that, for whatever reason, doesn’t own any of his own tools. He constantly heads over uninvited and asks if he can borrow a rake, power tool, grill anything that you actually don’t won’t to lend him because you know you will never see it again. Sure, the first time was fine, but then as time goes on your garage inventory decreases as his grows.

Having a privacy is the perfect tool for this situation and an added plus is that it’s a tool that he can’t borrow.


If you are like me then you like to have that place to escape and if you have a family with little ones running through all out the house then you may only be able to escape to your backyard. So you head out only to see your neighbors doing yard work, kids running and screaming and joggers jogging, Hardly a fortress of solitude.

Building a privacy fence will help you to escape and enjoy your back yard with no visual distractions. Everyman needs his alone time so make sure you create that escape.

A Clean Yard is a Happy Yard

There is nothing more disturbing then when you want to take a walk in your backyard only to be disrupted by the smell and presence of dog poop. I’ve found that fences are man’s best defense tool when it comes to neighborhood dogs “marking their territory”.

Your BBQ is Your BBQ

I love BBQ’s and I especially love BBQ’s where only the people I invite show up. You may get along perfectly with your neighbors, but there are times when you don’t want them over. I’ve seen it countless times where someone in the neighborhood is having a BBQ for a selected few and then all of a sudden a block party has broken out. First of all, if you’re that guy that shows up uninvited then stop being that guy. Second of all, if your BBQ’s are being invaded by unwanted visitors then put a stop to it and build a fence.

Neighbors are great, but we all need our own space and a way to escape from it all without disruption. You don’t want to become that old crazy guy or gal in your neighborhood that squirts people with a water hose when they walk by your house. If you want to keep your sanity then I suggest investing in a fence.

By Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a Californian and a veteran. Henry moved to Texas a few years back and doesn’t regret it for a second. Henry works with a fencing contractor out of Dallas http://www.dallasfencepros.com/. Henry is on Google+.