5 Reasons Why International Flower Deliveries Are Nearly Dead On Arrival

bouquet of red rosesImagine your elation when you unexpectedly receive a long rectangular box that could only have come from the florist. You open the box, ready to girlishly squeal with delight, when you discover that the flowers are less than stunning and look like they’re on their deathbed.

It’s a case of international flower delivery gone wrong. But what, exactly, did go wrong and how can you make sure it doesn’t happen again? Here are the top five reasons your flowers didn’t make it.

1.     Quality

If the flowers were sub-standard to begin with, they didn’t stand a chance. Lower-quality flowers are sourced from large assembly-line type farms where they may have to fight for space, nutrients, and care.

On the other hand, high-quality flowers are sourced from smaller, hand-picked farms where the temperatures and sunlight come in perfectly balance to produce excellent flowers. These types of flowers can last up to a week after you receive them.

2.     Care

Before flowers are ever placed in a box, they should be prepped for the journey. They are living things, after all, and need air, light, and water to stay alive.

The florist should trim the extra greenery from the flowers to allow for proper circulation and to minimize rot. Each stem should be given its own personal vial of water.

If your flowers are to arrive in great condition, they should be young and healthy buds so they won’t hit their prime until after they are delivered to you.

3.     Packaging

Even the best flowers won’t last if their packaging exposes them to the rigors of travel. The right packaging protects against extreme temperatures, rough handling, dehydration, and lack of air circulation—all of which can mean an early death for your flowers.

4.     Delivery

Many international flower delivery companies over the internet take too much time getting your flowers from the farm to your doorstep. The shorter the time between cutting and delivery, the better.

Companies like Flora2000 that fly their flowers can keep farm to doorstep time to about 48 hours. That means that instead of trying to resuscitate your flowers, you’ll have about a week to enjoy your beautiful blooms.

5.     Disease

Some flowers die off quickly because they were exposed to microorganisms, bacteria, or fungi somewhere along the way. This may go back to the quality of the farm the flowers came from, or it may be a handling mishap on the part of the florist.

You know you have a sick flower when you can see wilting, browning, or blemishes on the stems, leaves, or petals. If you haven’t already said goodbye to the delivery person, you can refuse them. With any luck, the florist will either refund your admirer, or send some proper flowers.

It’s no wonder that so many internationally delivered flowers have one foot in the grave by the time they show up. With a little attention to the source farm, and good care along the way, every floral delivery can be a pleasant surprise rather than a disappointment.

Mahima Narula has been in the floral business for over a decade. Currently, she is the head of business at Flora2000. They are the industry leaders in international flower delivery. Please visit their website for more information.