The Benefits Of 4G

Bam! The latest cell phone commercial is on television and it’s all about how awesome their 4G is; the problem is you remember when 3G was all the rage. I can feel your confusion set in as you try to figure out what the big deal is; after all 3G worked just fine. Why are phone companies pushing this 4G so hard? Believe it or not phone companies are just trying to please their customers when it comes to 4G.

If I was to ask you what the difference between a Dodge Dart and a Dodge Viper? One of your first responses would probably be speed. The same thing is true about 3G and 4G; the 4G is a lot faster just like the viper. Imagine that frustrating feeling when you’re in a hurry and the page on your phone won’t load! 4G’s job is to cut down on that feeling by loading faster. Phone companies know that their customers are happier when they can connect to the internet faster.

How? What?

So how does it really work? Well for starters, 3G stands for 3rd generation and 4G stands for 4th generation. To be fair to 3G it changed the way we use phones by making it possible to not only browse the web but also stream and download.

Phones went from being about calls to being about the internet. To be honest when 4G first came out, some companies new 4G was even slower than another companies 3G. Technology has improved since then. Visualize how much better your favorite radio station would sound if it used different frequencies to send it’s single.

If something cut into one frequency, it would be okay because there are other frequencies to carry the single. Meaning less interference. That’s how 4G works, phones use several frequencies to accept and deliver data. It’s all about the speed at which data can be received. So when something hinders one frequency the other frequencies keep it going. Translating into less lag time.

4G Area Coverage

So is 4G for you? Well that depends on a few factors. Most people want their phones to have the fastest speed and connectivity 4G is for them, this infographic details the speed advantages that 4G offers. If you want to zip along the internet then 4G is for you. Unfortunately there is a but coming. But you may not live in an area where 4G is widespread yet.

If you don’t live in an area covered by 4G then it’s best to go with an older 3G phone. The 3G phone will probably be cheaper to buy because it’s an older model. 4G Model phones work the same as 3G in 3G areas. But the 4G battery drains quicker because it’s constantly searching for higher speed.

Check the maps. If you are covered and you want fast speed go with 4G. If your area is soon to be covered and you want speed go with 4G. If your area isn’t soon to be covered then 3G is probably best. If you don’t care how fast your phones goes then go with 3G.

Post supplied by Mark Stubbles, Mark is a technology fan and general nerd.