Top Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Hallway

Stairs Up with HandrailWhen people think of renovating their home, the hallway is often an afterthought. This is, however, a real shame since the hallway is an extremely important part of the home and should therefore be considered as quite a high priority.

The hallway is the place where you greet guests for the first time; where people get their first impression of your home; where you are welcomed every day after work or time away. Hallways do not receive enough credit and the hallway’s practicalities are often forgotten, which is a huge mistake when undertaking a renovation project.

The points below aim to give you advice and guidance as to what to consider if you are undertaking a home renovation and including your hallway in your plans.

1. Layout and design

The hallway serves as a protection zone between the outside world and the inside of your home. You should therefore carefully consider how it is insulated and laid out. You should also think about what it needs to withstand, i.e. lots of muddy shoes and foot traffic. It is therefore a good idea to install a hard wooden or stone floor in the hallway, which is easier to clean than carpet.

You should also think about storage since the hallway is a good place for people to store coats and shoes since it means these can be removed straight away, without people having to traipse through your home first. Think about how you might be able to incorporate a storage cupboard or perhaps use shoe racks and corner units to make the most of the space you do (or don’t) have.

2. Staircase

The hallway is, more often than not, the place where the staircase begins. You will therefore have to spend some time working out how your hallway renovation might affect your staircase. You might want to keep your staircase the same, however, you may well take the opportunity to rip out the current one and replace it with a brand new one.

If the latter is your choice, you generally have three replacement options; a straight, turned or spiral staircase. If you have limited space you may find that a spiral staircase is the most space-saving option, although not always the most practical. Whatever you decide though, make sure your banisters are firm and secure and at a height that is safe.

3. The roomier the better

If you have the opportunity, during your renovations, to make your hallway larger, make sure you do it. It may feel, at first, like you are wasting space but really the larger the hallway the better. Not only does it mean you won’t have as many issues getting deliveries, prams, furniture and obviously people in and out of your house but it also opens up the house and makes your home much more welcoming.

4. Lighting

It is incredibly important to consider your lighting options when renovating your hallway. There is no point following all of the above tips and then ruining your new hallway design by not having enough natural light.

Obviously there are normally very few places where you can put a window in a hallway but you can combat this problem by installing a glazed front door, which will obviously let in a lot of natural light. Another method of injecting natural light into your hallway might be through light-pipes, which are installed through the exterior walls and reflect natural light down into your home.

Laura writes for Seagull Ballustrades. When not writing, she can often be found renovating her hallway–before moving on to bigger projects.

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